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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Lee from S Club next!

    In all seriousness, I agree with Mr PJ on the front page, he's an utter fucktard for waiting so long to go 'official'.

    I mean, he's been Z-list for so long, did he really think he was famous enough for people to care?

    He even did that whole documentary series without mentioning it. Several years after he'd had a hit.

    Courage my arse. What was he scared of? Not getting a job in musical thatre, as a gay!?

    And now he 'comes out' just as he needs to drum up some publicity before he enters BB. How coincidental. He's probably been saving it up for years...

    I'll drop this bombshell just before the release of the much awaited H & Claire follow-up!
  2. He has only come out because of CBB.

    Twat! I hope he gets voted out first!
  3. SBK


    Tim Bryne... used to manage STEPS, A1, Ben Adams, POP!, Steve Brookstein, rowetta ETC...

    hasn't had a hit since 2001
  4. Just think, one well placed sniper in 1998 could have prevented so much misery...
  5. He should have come out when anyone still cared. And if he really wanted to sway his vote he should have come out while he was in the house. Then he could have had a breakdown or something entertaining like that. But seriously, I'm puzzled as to why he waited so long to announce it.
  6. I smell a new reality programme coming on! Making the gay-band. "Benderz". Spelt with a zed because they're 'street' yo!.

  7. I cant help but feel 'Upper Street' would have been a more fitting name for these guys...
  8. I am seriously disturbed by this news. At least before I could think that H & Claire split up the greatest pop group of all time (Well, the late 90s) as they were having a secret love affair. Now I know that's a crock of shit!

    I am going to weep into my steptacular album!
  9. All this commenting on someone just making a little love to a man. Pardon me as I vomit up every saturated thought about how much I don't fucking care and neither should anybody else whether or not popstars love men, women, or goats (although the goats would be add to personality!).

    *wipes mouth with napkin*
  10. Because the England sometimes has the (how do you say it?) Not greatest ideas in what to do with their has-beens, I will dread the annoucement that all the "NOW OUT AND PROUD (because I was too much a coward to chance losing my money, thank God for Will And Grace!) has-been singers will probably form a band, have thier own reality TV show (all gays are good for, right?) and call their  band "Up Your Ass Street". I'm quite dreading it.  

    Who will be the next "GAY SHOCKER?!?!" someone from S Club? NEVER! THEY WERE ALL AS STRAIGHT AS ARROWS!. Mind you, I'm rooting for one to be gay, cause I want him... :-D

    When are the lesbian Pop-star going to start coming out? I would quite love it if someone like Britney or Rachel Stevens or Tina Barrett decided to annouce to the world that she's a lesbian. It would be "Amazing", only because Lesbians are more shunned than gay men are.
  11. Maybe it's because I'm from South Wales, and maybe because I know some of his friends, but I just don't get the H hate.

    As far as I'm concerned, he never hid being gay, in the way Neil Tennant never hid being gay - it was unspoken, and obvious, if never explicitly confirmed.

    We all know boys who were blatantly gay in school, and quite often they're told they're gay before they get the chance to discover it themselves, in fact I'd hedge a guess that a lot of us post here now or even run the site.

    If he had been out and proud, Steps just wouldn't have worked the way they did.  It's not as if he was dating some Eastenders actress and appearing in Hello magazine discussing their engagement the way some closeted popstars do, and then going out and giving blow jobs in the toilets of gay clubs, only to have Holy Moly or Popbitch reporting on them week by week.

    Once again, like in the derogatory comments made about Anthony from Eton Road, I think there's a fair amount of internalised homophobia going on - it's ok to be gay, but you have the be the right kind of gay first - don't be too camp or too queer or too femme or too soft.

    But still, at least people are talking about him.  I'm sure he'd prefer being talked about on here than feeling the need to log on and comment himself about others.
  12. To be fair, he did hide it. Will Young did at first and then thought: Fuck It! Some artists (H isn't an artist but just follow my trail of thinking) don't want to define themselves as 'gay'. Marc Almond in particular hates it. He wants to be known as a singer, not 'gay singer'. Boy George has nothing to define himself now and resorts to screaming how gay he is at every possible oppurtunity. I doubt anyone in Wales would look at H and think, "Well if he's come out then maybe I can..."

    I do think it's quite bizarre how he's waited until now to do it. Bizarre and desperate.

    Will Young recognised that he might not win Pop Idol if he was 'out' but Big Brother is a different beast altogether. Sometimes being gay can help unless you're that creep Craig, Kemal, Marco etc.
  13. I disagree.

    I stuck up for Anthony mainly becuase the criticism aimed at him were terms like 'too gay' and 'overly camp' which just makes me wanna go on a killing spree.

    H is different. To my knowledge, Anthony has never been asked in an interview about his sexuality, so we can't assume that he would lie about it or conceal it.

    As H admits in the Sun interview, he lied. He said he fancied female celebrities when that plainly was not the truth, and I think there is a moral difference between choosing not to answer and choosing to lie.

    I agree outright with the front page in that male pop stars in this day and age have a moral obligation not to lie about their sexuality because it sends the wrong messages to young gay men and women (which as you rightly say, many of us were at one point). It reinforces that being gay is a undesirable social stigma and that coming out should be avoided at all costs.

    Gay men in entertainment have the good fortune to work in an industry that is much more tolerant towards homosexuality than many others. If people like H are saying you can't get be in the world's campest, matching day-glo outfit wearing, gay club PA performing boy-girl pop combo, then how is the gay kid that dreams of being a policeman or a plumber going to feel?

    H is a dick and a coward.

    P.S. I am not a militant gay and have never been on a Gay Pride rally (not that I'm adverse to the idea) I'm the jumped 20 year old son of two lefty social workers.
  14. A moral difference?  H is a fucking pop star.  He's not a politician, he's not giving his opinions on how the country should be run and how society could be improved.  He sings pop songs and dances.    Every single out gay pop star is a liar by your distinction. 

    Again, since when did pop stars have moral obligations to their fans?  Does Nicola Roberts have a moral obligation not to die her hair ever again because it reinforces stereotypes against ginger people? Does dying her hair and wearing fake tan make ginger kids think they will be unsuccessful if they don't conform? Burn the witch!

    Yes, it may be easier being a gay pop star than being a gay policeman, although my gay policeman friends don't have many problems, although mainly from other gays who go on and on with tired jokes about handcuffs and truncheons and requests to do it in their uniform.

    The general consensus seems to be that he's a dick.  Fair enough.  But to call him a coward, again, he's a fucking pop star.  When he answered the advert it was for singing and dancing ability, not personal courage.
  15. He's NOT a pop star anymore. And I don't think he has a moral obligation to do anything or be anyone he doesn't want to be. The only thing that's grating, as I said earlier, is that he chose tonight to reveal the truth. It's so undignified.
  16. Alfie

    Alfie Guest

    He couldn't really dance or sing either though.

  17. And he has a face I could never tire of crushing with a aluminium baseball bat.
  18. I hate it when people say that anyone gay, celebrity or not, has an obligation to be "out", as if to show the world there is nothing wrong with being gay. Coming to terms with ones sexuality and accepting it as a part of who they are is a personal journey that each gay person must make and as we are all individuals we do so in our own way. And to say even in today's more accepting times that being gay has no impact on your life or career is both naïve and inaccurate. As has been mentioned, given the average age of their fans, him being out would have had an impact on their popularity. And many celebrities, gay or not, have decided to keep their private lives private, which is their right. So, it's his choice to declare his sexuality publically and I commend him for FINALLY doing it, even if the timing is quite suspect.
  19. I dare say he'd say the same about you if he knew you existed.
  20. I don't think popstars have an obligation to confess all about their sexuality. There's something a bit sad about lying about it though. I don't know what H has said in the past so I can't really judge. But I did assume that he had already come out at some point since leaving Steps, but nobody gave a shit. To come out just before entering the Big Brother house is understandable from a financial point of view (I wonder how much The Sun paid him?), but as Kirkland said, it's very undignified.

    It would be nice for gay people to have someone to look up to in pop, and in the mainstream media. But it does take courage when popularity and record sales are at risk, which sadly is the case.
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