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Steps - What The Future Holds + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. TMI


    My order was sent from the official store to France today. I chose UPS and hope I’ll get it on the release day!
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  2. Kiss Of Life is more You Make Whole-ish.
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  3. Those who’ve heard it. Are the songs really strong?
  4. Loved that Radio 2 show SOO much. Everyone sounding great especially Claire - some of the most consistent vocals I’ve heard from her - she seems to just get better and better!

    I really love the new logo now - especially as a backdrop - think it looks great and adds a bit of “classy neon disco” to the whole setup.
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  5. From the tracks I’ve heard so far, for me, it’s a lot stronger than part 1 ever was.
  6. That’s great to hear. And your username would suggest you have excellent taste!
  7. How is everyone hearing these? And why does nobody share with me dd
  8. TMI


    Me. Light Up The World for the encore I hope.

    I’m kidding. But it wouldn’t be worse than opening the Ultimate Tour with Here and Now…
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  9. They are nailing the vocals tonight. Fair play to them, they’re on top form.

    Deeper Shade of Blue sample I Will Survive at the end?
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  10. TMI


    Yes, it’s the same mix as in the Party Tour with the extended intro from the Summer Tour.
  11. Oh I never noticed that on the tour! Sounds amazing!
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  12. TMI


    This mix is incredible. I wish Steve Anderson uploaded it on the internet like he did with other ones.
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  13. Not a bad little set.
    But felt very contained at times. There songs really need a big stage.

    Some great vocals especially from Claire.
    H sounded a little bit forced. He really doesn't have the best live vocal.
    Lisa didn't seem too on form. She seemed a little bit uncomfortable.

    Faye was flawless as per.

    I know it was the first performance of it but they looked a little unrehearsed for Take Me For A Ride.

    I loved that version of Heartbreak In This City. I still need a Lee solo in that one though.

    But overall it was pretty great and got me pumped for the tour this year.
  14. OMG a complete Steps-fest day. Take my money! If only
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  15. I would love that. They could do album tracks during the day with bigger hits in the evening.

    Does anyone know what the total length of all Steps songs would be?
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  16. I would fly over again for this to be perfectly honest.
    (Who is that? Lisa?)
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  17. Just over 24 hours to go!!
  18. True. Wasted Tears has more of a Steptacular hint to it.
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  19. I'd love to know the other suggestions for album titles.
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