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Steps - What The Future Holds + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. You can take photos from in the queue but once you're at the table no selfies, apparently.
  2. That’s a shame about the photos - I was hoping to get one before my Meet & Greet in November!

    I guess if you time it right in the queue, you might get a half decent one!
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  3. There are a bunch of selfies with them on social media, though.
  4. A Hundred Years of Winter is my favourite and I love the extended intro to Take Me For a Ride.
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  5. I think he's closer to a baritone than a tenor. If they pushed the key up he would probably be able to belt out a vocal, but then the others would be squawking at the very top of their ranges.
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  6. Someone needs to talk H down out of the Rafters because his range has also changed. I'm all for more Lee though.
  7. I don’t see an issue with the parts Lee has on the album, he seems to be on there a lot? If anything the album is sorely lacking more Faye.
  8. Faye is actually on this one a lot.

    Lee really needs to be on there more. And H way less.
  9. Is Lisa on A Hundred Years Of Winter? I’ve only listened a couple of times but I don’t recall hearing her which is a shame. Her parts are always my favourites.
  10. She leads the opening chunk of the chorus but doesn’t have any solos in the verses.
  11. Is there an extended Initial Talk remix of Wasted Tears on one of the signed CDs? Can't seem to find the bundles descriptions at the moment. I'd love a 12" version of it.
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  12. Faye is not on it enough.
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  13. A bit sounds like the “ I notice that you got it / you notice that I want it / You know that I can take it / To the next level, baby” from Britney’s Til The World Ends too
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  14. Lisa’s CD
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  15. What does Claire sing in High? ‘You told me to let go of my grey’??
  16. I don't know what it is about me these days, but I get emotional everytime I see a group photo of them! I just love seeing them together so much.

    As for the album, I've only listened to it once so far, but I really like it. Haven't got any stand out tracks yet (apart from maybe Winter), but I agree that the Initial Talk remix is great and a real highlight!
  17. The Initial Talk remix really is fantastic isn't it? Their remix of Take Me For A Ride didn't do much for me but I'm obsessed with their version of Wasted Tears!
  18. I'm a little disappointed with the album as a whole. I do think part 1 is much much stronger and nothing really comes close to the highs of that album.

    I do think they could have made a stellar Deluxe Edition of that album with say 4/5 songs from this.
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  19. Well, one bundle arrived (the signed solo CDs). I genuinely don’t know how Townsend justify their £9.00 delivery prices when they were all wedged into a tiny Jiffy bag.
  20. Only listened through once but I'm enjoying this more than my first listen of Part 1. So I do think I prefer these songs. The splatter vinyl is lovely too (though seems to play quite quiet).
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