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Steps - What The Future Holds + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I definitely thought it was ‘kiss me to li-i-i-fe’!

    Had SUCH a good time meeting them in London yesterday! Lisa was super chatty, and Faye cheered the fact I was from Northampton! Have to agree that Lee seemed a bit ‘over it’, which was a shame, but he was still nice enough!

    Got a couple of pictures and they signed my Steptacular and Buzz booklets too!

    Edit: Also, in terms of the track list discussions, I have made a playlist of both albums mixed, so Part 1 Track 1, Part 2 Track 1, Part 1 Track 2, and so on… anyone on Apple Music feel free to give it a go.
  2. Does anyone else's additional remixes skip or is it just me?

    Especially halfway through A Hundred Years Of Winter on H's CD.
    And towards the end of To The Beat Of My Heart on Faye's CD?

    And I also have (like all it seems) the wrong remix of Wasted Tears on Lisa's CD!
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  4. Is this right?
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  5. I'm hoping for a new shoot for the calendar, at least some of it. I don't think I need to see them holding space helmets for the entirety of April.
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  6. I've not got around to importing the CDs but it has been mentioned that the 7th Heaven Extended Mix of The Slightest Touch skips on Claire's CD as well. I think given the mistake of the wrong mix being on Lisa's CD too they should make all these mixes available on a digital Night Out edition this week and get another easy sale from us all again into the bargain!
  7. I’ve burnt the remixes to my computer and they don’t skip, so a problem with the CD surface maybe.....I've contacted Townsend and asked if they can make the Wasted Tears Mix available on the download section. Will let you know if I get a reply.
  8. I know we had just received a new album, but how wonderful would it be to get them on full steam to unleash another new album next year for the 25th anniversary?
  9. I wouldn't be mad at say 5 additional tracks for a new Greatest Hits, don't want them to burn out again
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  10. Good God... they are giving away 30 tickets in this competition...

    So if you've got 29 friends and fancy a champagne reception at a venue of your choice, go for it. According to The Scum's T&Cs ''winners will be chosen based on who deserves to win the prize". I mean... what a way to say ''Jenny from accounting is getting it"
  11. A new song or two for a Greatest Hits, if there is one, would be great. I'd rather not have another plain old Greatest Hits though, something a bit different would be ace.
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  12. I'm pretty surprised they're so far behind in sales already. Did the people in here who've seen the numbers confirm it's definitely the Manics that are beating them?

    Steps are (well) ahead of the Manics in physicals on Amazon and HMV best sellers and are still #1 on iTunes, with the Manics down at 7. Then there's all the bundle sales.

    Where are the Manics getting all the sales from?

    EDIT: I see the Manics have 3 other versions under number 70 on Amazon, so that'll help them I suppose. I'm hoping Steps have a few thousand physical sales that have still to be added from orders not shipped at the point the Friday sales were counted.
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  13. Not another greatest hits please!

    If they can be more creative and tie every together. Like a time capsule box set with unreleased stuff.
    And they still need to do an anti tour. That would be great too.
  14. Probably streaming. Which unfortunately is Steps' Acheeles Heel!
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  15. I can't imagine the Manics being more of a streaming force than Steps though.
  16. So far behind??
    How far behind are they?
  17. SBK


    It is the manics. Its a few thousand. They're not racing away with it, but it's enough that it might be difficult to over take.

    The gap today is the same as it was yesterday, so it seems they're at the very least selling similar amounts at the moment.
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  18. The same analogy can be said for other fillers in the other albums. There would be one, two, or three tracks that stick out like a sore thumb, but that doesn't mean they are the leftover tracks or "rejects".

    Step One has "Experienced", "Two Weak Too Resist", "Stay With Me". Steptacular has "I Think It's Love", "Moving On", "Make It Easy On Me". Buzz has "Wouldn't Hurt So Bad", "Happy Go Lucky", "Buzzz". Tears have "Firefly", "Space Between Us", "You Make Me Whole". Part 2 is far the leftover label in my opinion. I am enjoying it through and through.

    I trust Steps would give their absolute best every single time and that's picking the best tracks for Part 2. If Part 2 tracks aren't good enough, I don't think they would have had the confidence to release it in the first place.
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  19. I’d be intrigued now, given the range of singles they have had, what songs they would select for maybe a 12-14 track compilation.
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