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Steps - What The Future Holds + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    We got a video call with Faye competition yesterday, still time today for another random competition or video upload!
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  2. If it's for health reasons, get a medical exception. You should be fine. Take a Lateral Flow Test on the day just to be sure.
  3. W2K


    Happy Steptember folks!

  4. Give us the studio version.
  5. Thanks, I know, but I wouldn't feel comfortable going unfortunately.
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  6. TMI


    Them giving us live videos we already have as a treat is lazy.
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  7. This is how I've spent my lazy Sunday afternoon. Creating their new album using obscure and relatively unknown covers that I think would be perfect for them.


    Steps - Modern Love

    1. Lost Till I Found You
    2. Waiting for The Feeling
    3. Hard to Love
    4. Until The Stars Run Out
    5. Nothing Good About This Goodbye
    6. Method of Modern Love
    7. Don't Go Breaking My Heart
    8. Give It Away
    9. Somebody
    10. Not Giving Up On Love
    11. Until It Beats No More
    12. See You Again

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  8. MB


    Agreed but do any other artists give fans a “treat” every day of the month? These live videos might entice Karen to buy a cheap seat at the back as she might not have seen the last tour. Plus unfortunately we can’t get 30 unreleased tracks or new videos unfortunately.
  9. I mean Steps put other artists to shame, since they give a lot to the fans. So getting anything from them (despite being 5 of them, 1 being in Dubai) is pretty good rather than lazy.

    What other artist gives this much to their fans?
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  10. Can someone who is good with Gifs make one of Lisa pumping her fist in the air??
  11. Don't go breaking my heart by the backstreet boys would go well (assumed it was this track at first. Many of their songs from the DNA album would go quite well (Chances song I believe is Fiona Bevan which has done a few Steps tracks too)
  12. I still would love some self penned, properly original Steps songs!
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  13. Long Way Home! Will it please happen!!!
  14. They are so suited to that track!
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  15. And…it is written by them (Lee and Faye) it would have really suited Part 2 as well. Imagine hearing it after Victorious. It would have just worked!
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  16. I remember on The Next Step Tour the people around me and my friend looking puzzled that we knew all the words to Better The Devil You Know - I mean, come on

    (They also wanted me to give their rotten children my H & Lisa inflatables - but I said no)
  17. Too right!!!
  18. I hate when people do this at shows. I remember at the Spice Girls tour, I was doing the ‘If U Can’t Dance’ rap and someone in front of me pulled their phone out and started recording me. When I confronted them they said “I just wanted to show my friends that I was stood next to a superfan!”.

    Why are you shocked when you go to a concert that people around you know the words to the songs?!
  19. A Steps version of Changes would destroy me. Probably my favourite BSB song.
    Make AJ the new 6th member.
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