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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Oh please, it’s part of Steps history. Plus, who knows if we’d have gotten two new albums had it not happened.
  2. W2K


    Yes and it’s mentioned in practically every interview they do. Let’s move on from it. We’re extremely grateful for what we have now and we say it every time.
  3. W2K


    Anyway, I’m excited to see the To The Beat Of My Heart video. I’d imagine it’ll be some time in January that it’ll premiere?
  4. The Something In Your Eyes video finally hit 1 million views on YouTube!
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  5. MB


    Got there a lot faster than what the future holds did!
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  6. The public's taste won out.

    Though, I suspect a handful of us from this forum contributed in no small part to that.
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  7. We're waiting for the 20th Anniversary
  8. Plus (and not to drag anything/anyone up here) I still think it's a bit of an awkward thing for them. I still don't think Claire is really 'remorseful' about her decision to leave - it was the right decision for her at the time. But saying that is awks.
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  9. On the topic of Steps history, I never knew there was another lineup before the five we know and love today. Apparently Lisa & H were part of it, but the other three decided to leave as they thought they’d be a one hit wonder?
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  10. Imagine the panic of having members of your band leaving before being given the gold dust that is Claire and Faye.
  11. Poor Lee
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  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    So....Lisa is technically the longest standing Steps member? Queen!
  13. The albums currently up one to #24 in the midweeks. Hopefully it’ll be able to rise a little with the Christmas albums dropping in the charts.
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  14. That's great. By the end of week 5, Tears was number 29, so it's definitely holding up just as well, if not better considering sales will have been a bit higher the last few weeks.
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  15. That's correct:


    Lisa & H were in the line-up alongside Derek O'Brien, Maddy Chan, and Mitch Stevens.
  16. I’d love to know what they all do now.
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  17. W2K


    Thank god we got Lee, Faye and Claire instead.
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  18. Mitch (Michelle) Stevens on the far right of the photo is a session singer and provided backing vocals on Geri Halliwell's It's Raining Men.
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  19. Uno


    Here's something I found that gives a bit more info on the "original" Steps:

  20. W2K


    I wonder if Derek is still hung up about the £1000 he’s “owed”.
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