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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Where are people seeing this merch?? Help a sister out.
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  3. W2K


  4. You can't see the huge promo value in Michelle Visage featuring on a Steps single? Perhaps you don't know her reach.
  5. I agree with the What The Future Holds hoodie but the heart design makes more sense on the chest surely.
  6. I love the beefed up production, the song no longer evokes Pink Windmill Kids for me and this is the first time the song has properly made sense for me.

    I wonder how Michelle’s part will be received by her fans. I suspect they may feel she doesn’t sing enough?

    I agree that the middle 8 falls weirdly flat.
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  7. I just put it on and didn't really notice the difference... are you sure the "beefed up production" people are hearing isn't just Radio 2's compression?
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  8. Yeah to be honest I didn't know who she was until they did the live chat during album week.
  9. I think this is it.

    First verse:
    Night after night
    Got me caught up like a fool 

    Second verse:
    You started something
    I can't hold down

    Middle 8:
    So tell me it’s yes or no oh baby
    Show me the way to go oh darling
    Say you’ll be mine
    And I’ll be satisfied

    Need your love (2:48)
    Beatiiiiiiiiing (2:58)
    Took your love (3:04)
  10. SBK


    Yeah, the production was great, the middle 8 though, it was perfect already.
  11. Every time Lisa sings 'game after game' I want it to be 'game recognise game'
  12. Open both versions on Youtube and just play them bit by bit from the first chorus onwards. The new version is way beefier. The bassline is much deeper and the bells ring out much louder. The production is definitely bigger all around.
  13. SBK


    Yeah the chorus sounds like a complete rework.

    It has the lazer woosh, louder bells, deeper bass
  14. I love that Heartbreak in the City design and I love the new mix.
  15. Lee


    6 on iTunes already... maybe it will be that number 1 global smash lol
  16. You’re a doll. Thank you
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  17. Up to 3 on iTunes and it's only 59p. Clever people. Should have released it tomorrow morning though.

    It'll be number 1 in no time. The gap is small.
  18. Sticking this on the list of songs I need to hear in Via Fossa!
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  19. OK I can hear it now.. I think it's quite subtle though. About as much different as Neon Blue single mix was.

    It's not one of my favourites anyway.
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