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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. A good night for us... a 2 minute snippet of "A Hundred Years Of Winter" appears to be "out there".

    It's H heavy. I know his vocals can be divisive sometimes, but he sounds great.
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  2. According to 7th Heaven... An extended remix of the two tracks will be released in a few weeks, so maybe there's another EP in the pipeline before album release.
  3. I think the Gareth Shortland mix is my favourite for Take Me For A Ride and I was so easy for the Initial Talk too

    Oh and The Slightest Touch, is absolute camp nonsense and I Love It! This is going to go off on tour
  4. We've three weeks before the release so I'm guessing we'll get something on 03/09
  5. Can you take poppers into the O2?
  6. These new tracks make Say You'll Be Mine being performed even more unlikely!
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  7. I can't stop listening to it. I love all those backing vocals and ad-libs. Especially H's "With Desire" bit, it just makes me want t be in a club dancing my tits off!
  8. On the spoken part it sounds like Faye is being backed by Lee
  9. Queen Lisa does her adlibs on Faye's spoken words...
  10. That's the day ABBA is supposedly dropping their new song
  11. Living for the brief Lee solo chorus just before the drop on the TMFAR Initial Talk Remix
  12. It’s a gorgeous song, one I’m really hoping gets the single treatment
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  13. Is it a ballad?
  14. Pretty much a mid-tempo ballad, yeah, but there’s some epic builds to it and everyone gets their moment to shine on it. Lee sounds gorgeous on the second verse.

    It’s always reminded me in part of Untouchable by Girls Aloud.
  15. Maybe we'll have a Touch Medley

    Human Touch
    One Touch
    The Slightest Touch
  16. Nearly double!
    19 years for Tragedy
    35 for The Slightest Touch
  17. Color me wet.
  18. Slightest touch is a retro 80s red-hot banger!!!!! Everything I want in a Steps song.
  19. I'd say Lee as well but in gay steps years I'm like 97 so my hearing is crap.

    Also to these ears does the shortland mix of Ride change the inflection of certain words in the chorus such as "avoid" and "paranoid" or is it just because its sped up?
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  20. We are being fed with not only the song but the remixes of Take Me For A Ride. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned the moment in the Initial Talk mix where the chorus drops out to just Lee’s vocal yet!
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