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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    I think it’s a shorter version.
  2. W2K


    It’s too early to be crying at One For Sorrow, but here I am sobbing my heart out. I’m a bit overwhelmed seeing them perform a show again, and it was always going to be this song that got me emotional the most.
  3. W2K


    Nice vocals on Heartbreak (especially being able to hear Clara better on the chorus), but I’m going to need it to be balls-to-the-wall on tour.
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  4. W2K


    Scared of the Dark is still that bitch. A Steps classic. Lee’s deep vocal in the bridge is something else, whew.
  5. Is this online somewhere?
  6. W2K


    Well I absolutely loved the show. The setlist was pretty solid, the only glaringly obvious omission being Something In Your Eyes. They looked great, sounded great, made the most of the space. Absolutely buzzing for the tour now!
  7. W2K


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  8. TMI


    Does someone know a way to watch it from outside the UK? Like a VPN website or something?

    EDIT : BBC has uploaded two songs on YouTube:

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  9. NOT @MB front row getting his life!
  10. That was great. I’ll be watching it a lot this week, I’m sure.

    I wish they had managed to fit in Something in Your Eyes and Slightest Touch but I guess they wanted to limit the covers and the new material.

    Personally, I’d have replaced Heartbreak with Something but I can see why they did it. Heartbreak is on the new album and they got a chance to show a different side with the acoustic version.
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  11. Yes a VPN would allow this. There are plenty online. I use Express VPN, which you have to pay for.
    A cheap one is Surfshark VPN and there are free ones like Proton VPN. The paid ones are better long term as they seem to be more stable. They are fairly straight forward.
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  12. MB


    I did indeed get my life throughout! In a Steps vest obviously.
  13. I love this show! It’s exciting that they used the Party Tour mixes, as that doesn’t spoil anything for November!

    I’m with the people saying it feels like it is missing Something In Your Eyes, but feel that’s to do with holding back an ALL-OUT batshit version for the tour.
  14. Faye has stated her stint with singing in the rain isn't over yet and that she will join them on certain dates for the tour
  15. They really got their money's worth out of those Steps letters and LED tubes didn't they. They're really effective and versatile.

    Makes sense why they had to retake Tragedy now. The confetti cannons didn't fail to go, they just didn't set them off because they knew they'd have to retake earlier songs and needed a clear stage to do that.
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    So apart from VPNs and such, did I get it right it will be broadcast in full as well so I might be able to get the audio? (I don't see it on today's schedule)
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  17. If its not being used within the tour it would create quite a nice effect for the meet and greet backdrop
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  18. The audio is available on BBC sounds (much higher quality than the video's audio)
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  19. That was a fantastic performance by everyone. The vocals were excellent all around but seriously - Claire. For fuck sake, is she actually getting stronger vocally? Absolutely incredible.

    It's really easy to overlook how difficult the main line is to sing on those big choruses and she absolutely dominates them. The power and agility is unreal.
  20. I hope someone will rip the audio…
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