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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. No joke I would kill for them to do Autumn Goodbye

    We also have It May Be Winter Outside (but in my heart it’s Spring)
    I could also imagine them having the song title April Fool(s)
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  2. Updated Spotify Numbers
    Take Me For A Ride 14,816
    Heartbreak In This City 1,986,575
    Wasted Tears 33,280
    A Hundred Years of Winter 16,052
    Living in a Lie 18,553
    A Million Years 15,255
    Trouble & Love 13,764
    Victorious 15,468
    Kiss of Life 12,872
    High 11,319
    Slightest Touch 162,067

    Outside of the singles The Manics are in the high teens to the mid 20's on a couple of tracks, so they are definitely edging them on streaming numbers (assuming a similar rate on other services)

    I wonder i having a single mix of Take Me For a Ride out there is hurting slightly as it may be on playlists but not adding to album streams
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  3. In all honesty there really would be no real difference in sales through Spotify between the Manics and Steps. If they are edging them out it’s probably by 3 sales.
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  4. I'm pretty sure the single mix would still count towards the album total even if it's not technically on the album?
  5. Went to the Sheffield signing today and had a fantastic time, they were absolutely lovely, but Lee definitely didn’t seem like he was enjoying himself.
  6. New baby = probably sleep deprived.
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  7. I am listening to the album = fuck me this is amazing. Steps just continue to deliver and are on FIRE! What a time to be a Steps fan.

    I love how they are utilizing everybody's vocals, and exactly how it should have been from the start really. I love that Lee continues to shine, and Faye is just a Queen.
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  8. Also, he probably misses him.
  9. Also probably baby blues for Lucy too, so it affects on Lee. It must be hard for a new parents to have a new life dynamic but you have to work harder & busier than usual.
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  10. Catching up on everything as I’ve been out of it for a while….

    Absolutely loving the album too! ‘Living in A Lie’ is on repeat… so good!!

    I’m so here for more editions if they do them! My bank balance isn’t though….

    Thought they were immense at the London signing! They all looked like they were having so much fun, and I did laugh out loud when Claire accused Faye of ‘stabbing her’ with her nails…
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  11. The chart rules downweight the streams of the 2 most popular tracks off an album anyway so shouldn't matter much.
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  12. A guy walked past me earlier with a t shirt that read “Alexa Play Steps” in massive camp lettering.
  13. @idratherjack found out and about!
  14. I've got the same but it says Cher.

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  15. You must have been mistaken, I am rocking this subtle and understated look today

  16. I can totally see Faye in that golden wardrobe!
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  17. TM Stores have confirmed my order has been lost, but are sending another.

    Lets pray to the DHL gods this one doesn’t go rogue.
  18. W2K


    I hope they’re refunding you the postage?!
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