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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Nope. Same.
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  2. W2K


    I've reported it. It'd be wonderful if they could just get it right for once!
  3. I'm at work - could someone please check if the Initial Talk Club Mix is the correct version?
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  4. W2K


    Both Ride and Wasted Tears are the full club mixes.
  5. Good to hear!
  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    They're saving it for tomorrow's release - (Going To Tesco In Slippers To Buy Milk Edition)
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  7. This could be all the new material we get on the Greatest Hits tour, so it better be good
  8. The start of the "To the beat of my heart" trance mix could very easily mix with Kesha Tik Tok.
  9. jtm


    Oooh an album megamix.. so many mixes.. yes to all or this!
  10. Well they’re definitely Taking Us for A Ride with these track errors and missing material.
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  11. Karaoke versions! Take all my money!!!
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  12. To be fair, the team behind all this are probably exhausted and not getting much notice to set things up. Or double check things properly behind the scenes before us thirsty fans click "buy" in our droves. Mistakes happen W2K(aren)!
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  13. W2K


    I think after buying 10 different versions of this album I have the right to be annoyed about something being missing, especially with other fans having issues too. Call me Karen all you want, Claire has taught me well.
  14. Alerting the store there’s an error in something that’s been paid for doesn’t make somebody a Karen. There’s clearly next to no quality control as following the vinyl, the Lisa CD and now this, they’re willing to keep selling unchecked products to us so letting other fans be aware of that, as well as the service is a good thing?!
  15. But the gap has widened from 1,100 to 1,500 and that doesn't fill me with confidence cos I really can't afford these right now.

    If it was a few hundred in the difference I'd jump at them and worry about food later lol. But I feel like I'm bankrupting myself for something thats somehow STILL unlikely to happen.
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  16. Steps are famous for shoddy releases. I've noticed mistakes in MVs, tracklistings, tour DVDs and so much more over the years.

    Example - The Ultimate Tour DVD lists a bonus feature that isn't there

    The End Of The Road VHS sound drops out for a bit

    The It's The Way You Make Me Feel single has the wrong lyrics for Too Busy Thinking About My Baby. They use the original version before Steps changed the gender

    And so so much more
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  17. MB


    If you've bought the new digital bundles - don't forget to download the entire album - even the songs you might already have. You have to download 60% of an album for it to count.
  18. Slightly O/T
    The Lyricist in me doesn't like
    "Warm skies are changing" in A Hundred Years Of Winter

    If warm skies are changing then the skies are no longer being warm?
    Surely it should be cold skies are changing. As the cold is changing into something warm!

    Me obviously reading way too much into it.

    Back O/T I'm still trying to find a way to download these for it to count in the charts. Haha
  19. Dannii Minogue found working in the Jive art department.
  20. It seems like the Signed vinyls are being shipped tomorrow.
    So it al depends on how many they have done.
    It will be a close one never the less..
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