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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I don’t usually listen to the chart show. Everyone on here seems to be saying 5pm album chart is announced, is it around 5pm that right? Don’t wanna listen to the whole chart show in full
  2. I don't know for definite but isn't it just the singles chart that's read out on air? I think albums are just tweeted by Official Charts at 5pm
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  3. SBK


    They do read out the top ten, well they used to.
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  4. Rob


    The whiplash in this thread as the fans turn on each other after buying 50 copies dddd
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  5. They mentioned Steps vs Manics on the on the official charts and said you can find out the no.1 'right here'
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  6. Her name is Katie Hopkins and she respectfully requests you remember her name.
  7. Yeah they also just skipped ABBA in the chart and went straight onto some gangsta rap shite
  8. Oh for the days when they played it all in full (and I sat there with a pad and pen writing it all down...)
  9. And a cassette in waiting to press record
  10. Me sat there waiting for my favourites so I could record them on cassette tape ready to do my parents head in in the car that weekend
  11. Beat me to it
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  12. Is it too early to start the if they had released next week it would have been number 1 chat?

    Runs and hides.
  13. Confirmed as number 2.

    Still a great achievement.

    I wonder the sales?
  14. I hope it doesn't come down to just a few sales, that would be gutting...

    As you say a #2 album 24 years into their career is a great achievement and I hope they aren't too disappointed. What a week that was.

    Bring on the tour!

  15. If it's like 2 sales...

  16. MB


    Manics beat them by 1.9K which I guess is better than 100. No idea where that extra 2K came from though!
  17. Number 2 just announced on radio 1
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  18. That's OK then! Certainly not as disappointing as a couple of hundred.
  19. Lee


    Number 2 is great!!!

    Does anyone know what Steps ended on?
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  20. I swear there’s some conspiracy theory going on stopping Steps getting number ones over the years since their debut haha
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