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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. From Music Week

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  2. I think in all honesty that's their last chance for a Number 1
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  3. Screaming at HRH Lisa tagging Joe Lycett on insta!
  4. I think what upsets me most is this was sort of their last opportunity for a number one studio album, but then I sort of realise it doesn’t matter, some of their best work has peaked at #2, and it’s a familiar situation from them.

    Baffled how it went from 300 copies between acts to 2000+ though, in a day.

    If they do release another greatest hits and have another number one on their hands with it, that’s great, but with recent rebranding of Gold to include The Last Dance material, and the removal of The Ultimate Collection (a wise choice), I don’t see why we need another greatest hits collection. I’d rather they find other ways to celebrate to be honest. I also don’t think we’ll get a greatest hits tour, because it’ll be too soon for the casuals, and obviously this tour hasn’t sold out, possibly due in part to Covid feats and media hysteria. Maybe we’ll finally get that Live at the Royal Albert Hall they always mentioned was their initial plan.

    Wouldn’t mind if they pulled a Kylie and hyped things up with a greatest hits next year followed by a studio album the year after, but that’s unlikely given Claire is surely eager to get her second solo album recorded and out there.
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  5. Are they filming again today?!

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  6. Gutted that they didn’t get the number one, but so happy for another top two album! This whole campaign has been so much fun to observe and be a part of. I had to remind myself yesterday that the album only came out last Friday because it feels like so much has happened in Steps world since then. And of course we’ve still got the rest of Steptember to go, so let’s celebrate that!

    And this thread has been so much fun to visit! You all made the lead up to the album release - and the last week - so much fun! Steps fans really are the best!

    I also have absolutely no idea why I’m wording this in such a dramatic way, as though this thread is closing tomorrow or something, but we’ll go with it haha!
  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    @GodsAndMonsters I was thinking along the same lines, this thread has been great all week and it’s been really enjoyable reading everyone getting hyped and hopeful and buying 19 copies.
  8. Why do we think it’s their last chance at a studio album at no1? Their fans have proven that they’re dedicated. A slow release week and they’d have it in the bag.
  9. Mvnl

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    Yeah unless they call it a day after 25 years I don't see how any next era will be any different or less succesful?
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  10. Also, two albums in two years means the anticipation is lower than it could have been. Maybe we will all be more into streaming in a few years when the next album comes out and those numbers will be higher by then too.

    I’m not sure the two groups have many fans in common. I’m no exception but well done to Manic Street Preachers.
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  11. MB


  12. Just thinking about how the next time we'll all be getting worked up about Steps will be in the tour thread on the opening night as the setlist starts to trickle in and we find out which songs have survived, which ones have been dropped, and which new ones they've added. It'll be pandemonium. Can't wait!
  13. We will probably get a reimagined type of Greatest Hits collection, but I'd love to get another studio album.
  14. The sheer fact that they've got their second No2 album in 12 months with what is essentially (very good) off cuts from the first is bloody impressive.
  15. I'd prefer "Ultimate Gold: Revenge of the Scott-Lee, Latchford Evans and Toyzer" given how the previous "Gold" was a turning point.

    Genuinely happy that they are well embraced these days, not just as disposable pop, and are enjoying themselves.
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  16. It has been so much fun being a Steps fan this week. We have been spoiled beyond belief and the fact so many of us met them for the first time and even ended up on their Instagram stories is, for lack of a better word, a bit lovely.

    The question now is whether we still have enough money in our collective bank accounts to hire a private investigator to solve the mystery of Faye's sparkly werk dress.
  17. I know we had gold already but it should be silver for 25 years.

    They should call a greatest hits something altogether different.
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  18. "The First 25 Years"?
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  19. Newfound appreciation for the middle-8 of Victorious where they sing a line each in succession. That's really so sweet. Shame about the production on the track tho, which is weird because it has more producers than the others.
  20. Is it me or H is now more buffed up than Lee? Having Lee's guns and pecs in evidence used to be a Steps sine qua non, but from what I've seen of them lately, it looks like it's now H filling that requirement.
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