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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Anyone know a way to watch their performance of Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. I’ve just watched the ‘audio.’
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  2. Serious question, is Lisa's solo stuff worth the listen? I have only heard Electric and liked it.
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  3. It is yes. Go and listen to Never Or Now LP.

    Lately, Too Far Gone, Back In Time, Boy On The Dancefloor, Sleazy are all jams.

    Even the slow ones I'll Wait For You and You're No Good For Me Are Great.

    I will say the chorus of Make It Last Forever is so NOT Lisa though!
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  4. Bingo. I’d have loved it back then. 7th Heaven productions sound really dated to me now though, rather than nostalgic (like Initial Talk). I’m happy everyone else seems to love it.
  5. Lisa's best solo track

    Absolute anthem.
  6. Speaking of Lisa, this unreleased song is an absolute bop:

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  7. Back In Time is the greatest song ever.
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  8. It really is a shame she never got to release the album as originally intended. I’m still patiently waiting for the unreleased tracks to see the light of day.
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  9. Not to mention the similarities between the intro to Lately and Hallucinate by Dua Lipa. Bop.
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  10. Is it possible they could have filmed a video fot Slightest Touch when they were doing tour visuals?
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  11. Hope so
  12. Take Me For A Ride: "I'm not crazy!"

    The Slightest Touch: "I go crazy with desire!"

    So what is it Steps. Are you or are you not crazy?
  13. SBK


    Hopefully they're a bit more imaginative than sending it to Shortland again...

    (I do love his almighty/sleazesisters/wip homages but it'd be nice to get something a bit different- initial talk was refreshing)
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  14. MB


    Or perhaps another lyric video as the last one went down so well.
  15. SBK


    Since they will be celebrating 25 years next year, I think it's only right they acknowledge the time they weren't together as well by bringing back the solo section on tour.

    I basically wanna hear thousands of us do backing vocals for Lisa on Too Far Gone.

    Adam, Peter, we know you're reading, book it...
  16. No more solo sections ever again please!
  17. Surely if they’re going to do a solo mega mix, it’ll be Electric that gets added in over Too Far Gone
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  18. I'm happy for Lisa to perform 5 of her solo tracks in place of everyone else getting one tbh.
  19. Or singing all solo/duo projects together as Steps.

    Well..., basically they will only sing All Out Of Love & Electric. Even though my fav from Lisa is Too Far Gone, it's about Steps, really...

    Nobody wants to hear Someone Like Me and The Latch's, right?
  20. I would love to hear more from The Latch.

    Kinda related a revival of Close To Me would be great!
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