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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Sounds like Deeper Shade/Funkytown mashup of sorts to me!?
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  2. Fair play to them for learning a new routine too!
  3. Fab news
    If we don't get a DVD then a livestream from one of the remaining dates could be a possibility. the high production camera shots are not required and think most will be happy with just the arena camera footage
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  4. It’s odd that A Hundred Years Of Winter hasn’t been added to the Radio 2 playlist. I figured they’d be hammering it by now.
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  5. Poor Lee (poorly). I hope, as others have said, that he can get to his son and wife sooner.
  6. I really feel for lee He is only 5 days from finishing the tour and now probably now torn about going home to isolate or having to isolate separately
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  7. SBK


    Will be interesting if it doesn't get playlisted, first single since Scared if it doesn't.

    It is a bit of a comedown after The Slightest Touch.
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  8. For us, yes. For the casual R2 listener I'm not sure The Slightest Touch would have even had a massive response.
  9. I know it’s last minute… but anyone want a free ticket for tonight? I’m from Canada and was supposed to go but cancelled my trip and tried selling it with no luck. And I’d rather the ticket go to someone to enjoy.

    It’s a lounge seat.
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  10. I wish there was a Step One style image the Deeper Shade Of Blue costumes. Top blue cabin crew outfits; bottom Medusa/Android/X-Men/LeeTopless/My Little Pony.
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  11. I think if anything it'll mean he'll have to wait a few extra days! Must be heartbreaking for him
  12. Rest of your cancelled now - it was inevitable once one in the bubble had it

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  13. Well looks like they're all on iso now.
    2022 will be a great chance to film a doco/concert film on what it was like touring through Covid
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  14. Was your show one of the last twos? I hope you're able to keep your tickets and the newly scheduled date fits your future plans.
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  15. No. Unfortunately not. It was for the last show at the O2.
  16. MB


    Fully expect this to be another Summer date.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Someone earlier posted a japanese(?) version of Here And Now here (Wo Zhi Doa?) but I can't find it again, who was the artist?

  18. Thanks to @Disco Down from the tour thread.
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  19. With the cancellation of their final shows and things not likely to pick up again until mid-2022, do we think the album campaign has now run it's course? A Hundred Years of Winter isn't seemingly doing a lot either...
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