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Steps - What The Future Holds Pt. 2 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Fake snow and bad editing?
  2. And a freemasons mix!
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  3. Sorry for the double post but obviously.

  4. Not surprised by #1 although I thought Kylie would be higher than Abba

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  5. W2K


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  6. Well Heartbreak In This City is my number one track of the year on Spotify!
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  7. Same - the ft Visage edit
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  8. Me too - the Visage version was my #1 on Spotify
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  9. Of course!
  10. So is that Steps done for the time being or have they got anything else lined up for the rest of the year ?
  11. Why is everyone suddendly hating A Hundred Years Of Winter when it only got praise on release week? It's a stunning track and a deserved single, Darren can do no wrong.

    Also, Heartbreak ft. Michelle Visage is my 2nd most played song this year it seems!
  12. Winter is a solid album track but a terrible single. It takes the shine off a bit seeing it as a single over other tracks.
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  13. It isn't a bad song it's just they had a VERY obvious hit that they'd been hyping up since the "Tears" era and paid it complete dust for a mediocre midtempo.
    I'm not looking fort Steps to give me Take That esque mid-tempos and ballads.
  14. Thank god for the Freemasons F9 Mix which brings the poppers o’clock rush in that case. Saying that I adore the original version.
  15. I love A Hundred Years Of Winter - I just think it's an oddity as a single. I can see Winter and Take Me For A Ride not making the next setlist in the same way that Dancing With A Broken Heart got dropped.
  16. I think it would have been a good single from the ‘deluxe’ tracks that were planned. This didn’t include Take Me For A Ride though, so maybe it’s the single ‘run’ rather than the single itself.
  17. SBK


    I just found it odd following up Take Me For A Ride with Winter - Its an odd run of STEPS singles.
  18. They seem to think we want a Heartbeat-esque ballad from them at Christmas and it keeps not working. Really what we want is a Christmas pop banger to dance to after too many baby chams.
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  19. I don't really want a "christmas" anything from them.
    I just want them to go full force with the amazing, well the majority of, material they've come up with since their "Tears..." comeback.
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  20. Snowing outside, playing my spotify wrapped and first song that comes on is A Hundred Years of Winter. Very fitting. It's a good song but probably not the right single choice.

    According to Spotify The Slightest Touch and To The Beat Of My Heart are my my fave songs. Yes, I played them quite often but still a bit surprised.

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