Steps - What The Future Holds Tour



What The Future Holds
One For Sorrow
Heartbreak In This City
Neon Blue
Take Me For A Ride

Interlude: Baby Love/It’s Not Unusual/ Son of a Preacher Man/ Wild Thing / You’re My World

5,6,78/ Groove Is In The Heart
After The Love Has Gone (Motown Mix)
Something In Your Eyes
Say You’ll Be Mine
Chain Reaction

Interlude: #Stepsflix / Story Of A Heart

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel
The Slightest Touch
A Hundred Years Of Winter
Last Thing On My Mind

Interlude: Vintage Footage / To The Beat Of My Heart

Better The Devil You Know / Vogue
Loves Got A Hold On My Heart
Summer of Love
Better Best Forgotten
Deeper Shade of Blue

Interlude: Video Montage - Vintage Footage

Here And Now
Scared Of The Dark
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I've a month of this tour to avoid spoilers before my two nights in Manchester. So obviously going to have to avoid this thread when the tour gets going, but what else can I do?

Probably have to unfollow members on social media (H is bound to let something out the bag!)

I managed to not see any spoilers for Ultimate and it was incredible, getting swept up in Here & Now, the dance game medley, the solos, the operatic It's The Way You Make Me Feel and then almost every song after that (minus Dancing Queen) was SO big I'd ask myself "is this the final number? What else is left?"
I’m hoping the Strictly performance will help to sell the last few tickets, would be great for them to have a fully sold out tour.
I'm only doing the o2 on the 24th which is great as it's a Friday and I can drink merrily before the show and drown my sorrows with the post show comedown.
I'm at:
21st November-Leeds (Meet and Greet) with 3 friends
28th November-Nottingham with my brother
2nd December-Manchester-with one of my friends who I'm going to Leeds with and her mum

And I'm also looking for tickets for Birmingham, preferably for the 1st December.

And I'll possibly see you around at Nottingham and Manchester @JMRGBY88! Where about are you sitting?

P.S. I also LOVE how everyone on here and not afraid to do like three + shows (from what others have posted in the main thread!) Imagine how much money all people on here have spent for this tour! And to think they were thinking of a one off gig at the Royal Albert Hall?!
I’m off to the o2 gig, the 2nd dec in Manchester and then the 6th in Liverpool. They’ve had £330 out of me this year in tickets alone!