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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. So the dancers are in rehearsals, and one has a very short warm up video on his story today.

    Not much of a spoiler, but Something In Your Eyes is playing in the background.
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  2. MB


    Just seen it’s Austyn
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  3. Yeah, on James Mulford’s story.
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  4. Im still learning how everything on the forum works but is it possible to pin a post with songs we know for definite are confirmed so we can keep coming back to it?

    For example we know What The Future Holds, Summer Of Love etc
  5. Seems like the dancers have been told to mute their Instagram stories in rehearsals now. We get nothing!
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  6. Been giving the set list some thought - gonna be hard to balance the hits versus so much new material from 2 albums. I’d like see something like this (without any hint of 5678 but know that will never happen!)

    Steps 2021

    What The Future Holds

    Something In Your Eyes

    Better Best Forgotten


    Take Me For A Ride

    Last Thing On My Mind

    Scared Of The Dark

    After The Love Has Gone

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    The Slightest Touch

    A Hundred Years Of Winter

    Heartbreak In This City

    Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart

    Wasted Tears

    To The Beat Of My Heart

    One For Sorrow

    Living In A Lie

    Summer Of Love

    Chain Reaction

    Deeper Shade Of Blue/Neon Blue Medley

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  7. H and Lisa are live on Instagram and just accidentally revealed they were rehearsing "It's The Way You Make Me Feel" today!
  8. Rightly so!
  9. SBK


    A real deep cut there.
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  10. Lots of buzz starting on their instas now. They're being very secretive but at some point one of them is bound to let something slip hehe
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  11. MB


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  13. Just watched H's Insta stories from today's rehearsals. He referenced the stage and said it look amazing etc...going by the partial reflection in his glasses, it looked like the new neon 'Steps' sign features (at least in part). Got me thinking about what the staging will be like this time. All getting so exciting now!
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  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Just popping in to remind some posters of one of our rules here:

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  15. Not that this applies to me, but I've always wondered why this rule exists.

    If someone is a big Steps fan and this is the most active forum for talking about them, but they're not really that invested in any other act at the moment, why would they not be wanted? Just curious.
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  16. Agreed. This forum has some stupid rules but that one takes the mick.

    But I enjoy the forum so I'll blindly follow I guess

    Also where is the full list of rules please?
    EDIT: Nevermind, found them
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  17. If you don't like the rules, maybe don't post? Nobody is forcing you to 'blindly follow'.
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  18. What if I only want to post about Steps?
    For the most part I hardly listen to Western music anymore and the K-pop side of the forum isn't very active.

    If ABBA hadn't returned I'd only really post in steps. Why isn't that ok?
  19. Because that’s the rule of the forum.
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  20. If you only care and post about one act it's easier to veer into 'stan' territory, have fights, be unreasonable with the rest of the members who are casual fans, you're biased and that can lead to conflict etc etc.
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