Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Does anybody know if they're sending out tickets for later dates as well? Curious if I might my Glasgow ticket tomorrow then.

They are going out in waves. At least VIP are.
I got an email saying if I hadn't received my tickets by 3pm today to call them.

When I did she said some went out yesterday, some today and some tomorrow
Do you have to do anything to redeem the groupon voucher once you've bought it? I've bought two vouchers and gave over my address but am slightly worried that other people have received their tickets...
Selling two tickets for the 6th of november show in Birmingham at a fair price. Tickets have to be collected the night of the event. PM me if interested.

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Not exactly a shock but H confirmed that
Slightest Touch
is being performed when he was on Claudia Winklemans show he also said “it’s our best tour yet” but I can’t imagine him saying “it’s not quite as good as our last but we’ve done out best”.