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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. You know it!
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  2. MB


  3. I had a great time last night and had such great seats thanks to my friend!

    I was on the last row of the block right in front of the cat walk which was probably the closest I’ve ever seen them and it was a really great show!

    I didn’t spot anyone I recognised from here, but I am fairly useless. Glad to hear lots of you had a great time too!
  4. My photos are already through and I'm VERY HAPPY

    Are they 4K Res and we all look like supermodels? No

    But they are much better. I cried when I saw them
    I'm just so happy they look good and that everything now has gone well

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  5. If you’re happy, that’s the main thing.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Playing those 2 photos back to back makes for some.. interesting hand movement.
  7. Aside from the fact the whole set-up isn't great, the Manchester photos look much, much better. I think I was properly spoilt with the last two tours with the co-ordinated outfits and them looking stellar, but the dressed down "in make up but wearing hoodies/merch" look this time isn't really doing it for me, but a lot of artists do meet & greets looking casual I suppose.
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  8. Here in Manchester ready for show 3 of 5 for me!
    It’s seems like a lifetime since my last show in Nottingham!

    I should be in a very similar position to what I was in Sheffield so if that’s the case I’m very happy!
  9. Have fun, the Manchester crowd are usually so much fun!
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  10. I have just found out that the support 'act' in Belfast, replacing Sophie, is a DJ from local radio station Cool FM. I and quite a few other people I know have been looking forward to seeing Sophie since we bought our tickets over a year ago! This is very disappointing.

    Shame that no effort has been made to find a comparable replacement. I could understand if Sophie had to pull out last minute due to illness/Covid.

    Shame on Fascination and the promoter!
  11. Really happy with how my picture has turned out. Did a little bit of cropping and it looks decent.

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  12. Yea, I am gutted that Sophie isn't gonna be there. She was a favourite of my best mate and I years ago when she was firing the bops out. We'll be skipping the support act and going for dinner first before the show.
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  13. I’m very tempted by that bomber jacket or the white jumper. I keep seeing the guys wear them and they look lovely! oh I saw last night they had mugs in the merch stalls. Wonder if anything else will be added (key ring etc)
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  14. You must have been across from me! I was in the last row of the block to the right! On the aisle, so we had the perfect view of the catwalk and main stage.
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  15. The possibilities. The caption!

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  17. You booked a ticket for Steps.
    Consider yourself lucky!
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  18. I am entitled to be disappointed and to express that; especially when the situation hasn't been communicated/handled very well.

    I've paid a considerable amount of money for tickets that were marketed as Steps with Sophie Ellis Bextor as support. Fans in every other venue are getting the full event; they are 'lucky'!
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  19. Agreed. Sophie is a real part of the appeal just like Venga Boys last time.

    Here we go again Manchester! #Day2
  20. SBK


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