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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. It was a great show. Surprisingly the songs that aren’t my faves were the ones I bopped to most - Stomp, Better Best Forgotten.

    i think I was in the seats surrounded by Groupon tickets as they were all completely disengaged except for Tragedy basically.
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  2. Which block was that?
    My Groupon ticket (block 237) unfortunately didn't provide a good view at all but atmosphere around me was great throughout the whole thing.
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  3. I was in 224
  4. Yep! My mum, dad, now ex boyfriend and my best friend. To be honest they are of a good age themselves (my mums just turned 70) and I think this would have been a last hurrah for them which made it even more special.
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  5. I'm still on such a high from last night. Some further thoughts

    Chain Reaction - this went OFF. I'm glad that it got a relatively long performance, one of my highlights
    The Slightest Touch - for some reason the crowd's response as a whole during this one was slightly more muted than expected, the performance was great nonetheless
    Last Thing On My Mind and Better Best Forgoten were one of the best moments in terms of singalongs
    Vogue/Better The Devil You Know mashup was genius.

    They mentioned the 25th quite a lot, I imagine there would be many things coming.

    I could view the whole arena from my seat so it was very interesting to see which songs had the most audience reaction. Regarding that I think they made the right decision to put all new songs in the first half.
    It also felt so good to do the choreography together with everyone.
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  6. I can’t get over that unhinged 5,6,7,8/Groove is in the Heart mashup.
  7. How lovely it was to be back hearing live music after more than 2 years (well for me anyway).

    If I was being honest, it wasn’t the best gig I’ve been too… but, it was a great night and partied till the wee hours of the morning.
  8. I’ve been thinking about the fact that this was meant to happen in 2020 and at that time we wouldn’t have had the new Part II songs. What would you have had in their place had this tour have happened when it was supposed to?

    Take Me For A Ride for To The One
    The Slightest Touch for To The Beat Of My Heart
    A Hundred Years Of Winter for Under My Skin
    To The Beat Of My Heart interlude for Never Say Never Again interlude
  9. In addition to these I would have probably tried to slot You'll Be Sorry somewhere as well.
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  10. It's so strange - I didn't miss You'll Be Sorry this tour at all!
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  11. I thought this too. Very lively and a constant wall of sound from the cheering and singing.
    Although I also think SEB gets some credit for this too. One of the first times I felt like a support act had done the job they were there to do.
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  12. Does H try to initiate a UK Hun singalong at every date? The straight locals seemed very confused by that last night.
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  13. Apart from on the Ultimate Tour, Steps have always had pretty fitting support acts. Having the Vengaboys in 2017 was a stroke of genius.
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  14. He didn't in Nottingham - I know he did since at least Manchester.
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  15. One of my nest concerts ever, what a double bill
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  16. He did in Birmingham too. The part of the crowd I was in went mad for it.
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  17. Best mix of it as I usually think it’s their worst song.
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  18. Omg, what a night! I know it’s been said here a million times but I’ve probably seen over 100 different acts in concert and to me Steps are the absolute best I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. Me and my friends went to the Waterloo after, where they played non stop Steps and then onto the Polo Lounge, both places were hoaching. Got in at 5.30am to our hotel this morning, phew.
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  19. W2K


    Another brilliant meet and greet with the Fab Four. They remembered me from the last one and Lisa said she saw me last night. I got all emotional and told them how proud I was of them. Amazing! The time spent with them means way more to me than any photo ever could.
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  20. Last night was fantastic for a first concert back. The four of us were lucky and only booked tickets two weeks ago but found 4 seats in block 001 at the front so we had a great view.

    Hit after hit after hit. Lee is stunning. The set list was fabulous and they performed everything I hoped they would.

    Something In Your Eyes was my highlight. Sophie Ellis Bextor is a sweetheart.
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