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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I don’t remember seeing that one.
  2. SBK


    Yeah because it doesn't cost anything to rent an arena and staff to run the show out for 2 days.

    They're not going to do that, tour DVDs aren't that lucrative, they're a nice side hustle on something they're doing anyway... Not at all worth booking special dates to film it.
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  3. Thank you for checking. I did look again but I would've had to buy both tickets and I couldn't justify the cost.

    Funny story though, I was searching my email for Steps tickets and I bought my ticket for Party On The Dancefloor on 24th November 2017 for seat N1. For this tour I bought my ticket on 24th November 2021 for seat N31. Completely by accident but a fun coincidence nonetheless.
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  4. Public information: Claire is participating in the ‘Great British Sewing Bee’ new year special.
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  5. Speaking of drunken hen parties, I did see one middle aged woman in front of me at the bar queue completely forget how contactless worked. The staff had to show her, she was that out her face.

    Pink cowboy hat on too, of course.

  6. Only the same cost it would be to do the same show outside in the summer and hire all the people they would usually have for that for one day?
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  7. SBK


    I mean they could, but its unlikely to have the same production value as the arena... They probably wouldn't have the walkway, or the box or the screens... It just wouldn't do it justice. They're not going to re-build the stage for one show 6 months after it had been retired.
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  8. If they had been planning to film London would it be too much of a logistical nightmare to change that to the last night in Bournemouth in the hope that Faye can be there? I'd love to have this tour on Blu-ray.
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  9. I thought this, but apparently the final venues on the tour aren’t really big enough to facilitate filming. May not even have the full tour set.
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  10. They'll most likely have the Leeds setup.
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  11. At least in this instance, if it’s not filmed. We’ve still got plenty of footage on YouTube.

    Unlike the first Christmas tour which only exists in H’s footage!
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  12. Who knows - maybe they've filmed a date already? If it's like last tour, they didn't have the 'swooping' cameras, did they?
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  13. I think it just might have to be accepted that it may not have even been a possibility this time around with covid etc
    Alot of artists do a 'camera only' performance with no crowd that allows cameramen to film the closer shots - I don't know if this is something Steps have done before but even if they haven't, Faye not being there has definitely cancelled that chance of one happening
  14. The fact the stage was smaller it still didn't take away the quality of the show at all. Still was an outstanding show.
  15. In lieu of a DVD if they are unable to film it, I'd take a live album of the Bournemouth show if Faye is able to join - the live arrangements deserve a release in some form!
  16. I need that BTDYK and Vogue version on audio.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Faye could even just record her lines later (I know that's not how a live album's supposed to work but.. it happens for shows where the members actually were there too, so..)
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  18. TMI


    What they did with the Girls Aloud’s Tangled Up tour was an horror.
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  19. What happened, I’m not a massive Girls Aloud fan?
  20. SBK


    They may already have live recordings. They probably record every show.
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