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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I am still on such a high after going to both London shows! First off, it was amazing to meet so many international fans all with very different stories on how they discovered the brilliance of Steps. The atmosphere was so joyous in the arena both nights and making the trip was totally worth it, despite the MESS that has been this whole trip in general but especially the travel both to and from the O2 on Friday. Shoutout to those that also got locked in at the piers after getting off the ferry!

    The shows themselves were brilliant! I thought the setlist was perfect - the crowd wanted the hits and they gave them everything. More new songs would have killed the momentum. They did an amazing job covering Faye on Friday - special shoutout to Lisa for sounding amazing, holding it down and belting like the world depended on it! So devastated for Lee that he had to miss the Saturday show and so glad I got to see him on Friday (though I was right next to the barrier and he came over quite a few times ... that's 2m distance right?!).

    My favorite show moment was "After The Love Has Gone" - so glad they did the track in full and gave it all the attention it deserves with the beautiful new version and key change. Claire gave my friends and I a TON of attention throughout the show on Friday - she has an intense gaze, that one! My personal favorite moment from Saturday's show was Faye singing half her "Better Best Forgotten" verse directly at me..ah! Glad I got to see all five members, though separately, and basically two very unique shows that were affected by the current situation.
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  2. For some reason I thought Lee's 5, 6, 7, 8 lines were pre-recorded?
    I can't stop watching the Vogue/Devil backdrop - they look amazing in it.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What's the backdrop? Just went looking for a video and saw nothing on the screen apart from the Vogue bit with lyrics

  4. Between 2:20 and 3:20 - the band and the dancers just walk around in the video.
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  5. I thought this too on Friday so unless they had a backup for this instance, then it wasn't. I think they just got creative and put together a lyric video during Lees parts
  6. When I saw the show in Newcastle the only song that diddn't gather too much of a reaction was 100 Years of Winter. The rest of the new tracks all kept the buzz going, especially The Slightest Touch - I think the staging / lighting set up really helped to elevate this one to a special moment.
    From memory, I remember being shocked at how much Stomp popped off and the crowds reaction to it.
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  7. This is still so good. One of the highlights of the show for me and my boyfriend. The mash of Vogue and Devil is so smart and so well done.
  8. Someone filmed the full show last night.

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  9. This was the biggest surprise for me as when I saw it on the set list I was like meh…. As never enjoyed their version compared to Kylie’s but the mash up with Vogue and changing the spoken lyrics was a stroke of genius.
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  10. TMI


  11. Good show last night. A Hundred Years of Winter didn’t seem to go down very well, and I’ll never forgive H for ruining the Drag Race UK finale. Other than that, pretty amazing.
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  12. Imagine being sat behind this person for the full show
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  13. Listen to the roar for Faye when she marches forward for her first vocal solo at 1:10. That almost made me well up.

    Interesting that it's seemingly for a streaming show. I don't think we've had any whispers of them getting any deals with a streaming service. I'm wondering if she just means a digital release, to save costs on physical production etc. Either that, or they'll sell digital tickets to it and stream it at a set time, like with Kylie and Dua's events last year.
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  14. I’d pay to watch a streaming show but, if it’s just a replay of the O2 concert, it wouldn’t justify the price of an exclusive experience such as Kylie or Dua did.

    Imagine being at a steps gig as a fan and just holding a phone up for the whole show. Still, good on them, they did it as a service for those of us that couldn’t be there.
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  15. TMI


    I don’t mind a streaming show if we are able to play it over and over. It was about time Kylie released her definitely and I would like Dua’s team to do the same.
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  16. If its for streaming only that's a shame. A live album in q1 2022 would almost certainly give them another top 10 album
  17. Why do we think it's for streaming? Did someone mention it last night and I missed it because I was waving psychotically at Lisa?
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  19. I enjoyed the hint of ‘No More Tears On The Dancefloor.’
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