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Steps - What The Future Holds Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I could see it being watered down slightly for sure, I think Cardiff/Bournemouth would have got the Leeds-style set up with the shorter catwalk due to being smaller venues anyway. I wonder if they'll keep the catwalk for the summer tour? I can see the countdown-screen being removed though as I don't think that's even possible in open-air venues. Summer of Steps had six dancers so I'd say that will be the same for the summer tour.

    I wonder if they'll add a couple of dates to make it financially viable to run the original show in arenas but I'm not sure there would be a market for it really. I wonder what will happen to the meet & greets?
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  2. Very glad I got to see them in Manchester and would prefer to see them as a five piece in Summer to be honest.

    It may well be that the rescheduled dates could be added to the Summer tour and be open air themselves. I don't know about Bournemouth but if they made them open air I could see the Cardiff date moved to Cardiff Castle or Cardiff Arms Park.
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  3. What a shame for them but it’s the right thing to do. It’s interesting how they’ve worded the statement this time.
  4. I think it's just a case of keeping things private, something they obviously couldn't do when the shows were continuing with a member down.
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  5. Gutted for them, but they should be so proud of themselves for not only being one of the first acts to bring back live music, but do it in such an uplifting way!
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  6. It’ll probs be hard to get tickets as they’ll probs tell the people who had originally got tickets for the shows this week to hold onto them for the rescheduled date and they will still be valid with the new date. Can’t see many new tickets going on sale
  7. Meet and Greets are being moved and will be as normal as soon as dates are announced.
  8. Yea you’re probably right. It’s just the wording ‘…further positive COVID-19 cases in our touring party…’ rather than ‘another member.’

    Anyway, as you say, it’s none of our business who has it, they obviously had no other choice.

    I really hope they can look back on this tour positively in future, although they’re obviously really sad/disappointed today.
  9. Part of me thought this would happen a heck of a lot earlier, especially when Faye tested positive, so the fact they got this far really is a testament to them along with their entire crew.
  10. Aww this is such a shame. It must be a complete nightmare trying to run something of this scale during this mess.

    I’m sad for the fans and the band that the tour has ended abruptly like this with cancelled shows. Hopefully next year will make up for it.
  11. I’m hoping that this will mean they will record one of the rescheduled dates, but it depends on how similar they keep it.
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  12. Cardiff and Bournemouth were both likely going to have the Leeds version of the set (no hanging box and no walkway to the catwalk) so it shouldn't be too costly to reproduce a somewhat complete version of that in summer.

    Such a shame they weren't able to finish the tour.
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  13. On the bright side, perhaps we'll get a DVD after all, if they arrange for one of the summer dates to be filmed?
  14. SBK


    I think the DVD is the least of anyone's concern today
  15. That's too bad. Especially with the finish line in sight! Such a shame. In a way they're "lucky" they "only" have to cancel 2 dates. But I understand that doesn't change much for them or for the fans that will miss those 2 shows. Especially after all they did (testing, bubbles...) to make this possible during during these difficult times.
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  16. At least all of them got to do at least one night at the O2.
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  17. That is really disappointing for the rest of the tour.
    I feel really bad for them as touring is their baby and where they truly shine as a group. And they really needed this as well.
    Still "onwards" to a a mega Steptacular in 2022!!!
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  18. Yet on a plus side (well for me) my M&G photo came out great!
  19. Not gonna lie, I'd have lived for a situation where it was just a two-hour Lisa Scott-Lee Sings the Hits of Steps concert.
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