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Lost In Japan. said:
Seanie said:
They open with Here & Now!
YES! Fave song. I was worried they wouldn't include it at all.

AHHH!! I remember years ago thinking if steps were to come back, I would want them to open with Here And Now (Almighty Mix) - I think I even described the opening somewhere in this thread way back when
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AlmostFamous said:
Does anyone know where to legally get all the Almighty/Sleazesisters mixes? I want I Know Him So Well and It's The Way You Make Me Feel the mostest!

Knightr634 said:
But stick in the Almighty remix of Here and Now! (Actually do this anyway regardless) the build-up of the remix is immense. I can imagine this opening the tour, with 1 row of dancers then 2 rows, then more and more as it builds up and then finally STEPS are lowered down from the heavens for "Here and now, I wanna be the one for you...."


YES! I knew I did!
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Summer Of Love into Better The Devil. Brilliant!
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Refreshing the setlist excitedly. I'm hoping for 'When I said goodbye' as the lyrics are so perfect for what happened but I don't hold much hope for it.
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There's really no need to cover Lady Gaga, is there, on your sold out reunion tour, celebrating a rather amazing catalogue of music, now, really, is there, Steps. Hmm? Hmm?!

No. There isn't.