I told Lisa she was an icon and asked if they’d do Just Like The First Time on tour. Unfortunately they won’t be performing it… which is what I expected. Sounds like it will mainly be singles and a few new album tracks from Part 1 and 2.
Amazing!! Did they let you take photos? I’ve seen mixed reports online, and want to set my expectation for London tomorrow!
Am I the only one who is kind of glad that at home I will only look half crazy this time because at least it‘s 5 CDs and not 5 cassettes? I feel much more relaxed for when the package will arrive.
Got my bundle in, the deluxe CD is in a booket format where the CDs are in pockets at the front and back. The inside pages have the lyrics and images. The fold out with photos and signed.
Dumb question but I've lost track of all the formats I've bought from various places - is the Amazon exclusive signed edition also the hardback book deluxe edition?
Amazing!! Did they let you take photos? I’ve seen mixed reports online, and want to set my expectation for London tomorrow!

They did let us yeah but it was a bit awkward to fit them all in as you’re behind a barrier to keep social distance. If you really want a photo then go for it but my advice will be to make the most of the time with them and ask them questions.
Can we have a blow by blow account please?

Starts of with the acapella bit but with a beat on top of it, goes into a bit of an instrumental, then goes into Faye's spoken part and Claire's shouty bit, then back into the main song (with some extra flourishes here and there), then the chorus after Claire's shouty Clubland bit drops the beat and goes all hands-in-the-air (which I love), back into the full blown chorus, another bit of Clubland, song goes to end as usual, but then picks up again into an instrumental to then end the mix.
Any reviews of the Trance mix of To the Beat of My Heart from Faye's CD? I was tempted to order for that mix, but I really want to know what it sounds like before I do. I already ordered the 2 CD with international shipping and all that.
I'm going to make a playlist called "What the Future holds on the Dancefloor?". If it was an real album, with 12 songs, what songs would make your tracklist?

Here is mine:

1. Scared of the Dark
2. What the Future Holds?
3. Something in your Eyes
4. Heartbreak in the City
5. Take Me For a Ride
6. Happy
7. Living in a Lie
8. To the One
9. No More Tears on the Dancefloor
10. A Hundred Years of Winter
11. Victorious
12. The Slightest Touch

If someone is good at doing fanmade cd covers, I'd like an atwork for that masterpiece!
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