I'm quite honestly surprised there's no digital deluxe on their site this go around. You'd think they have some other remixes on hand, surely. Hell, there's the Stomp acoustic in the same style as To the Beat somewhere lying around.
My signed Claire album and the signed deluxe were here when I got home from work tonight. Really love the deluxe album and the whole design of it, even if it is a cardboard nightmare. I mean I am not going to be actually using this copy. But the artwork and photos of them are all gorgeous. I am really glad I bought them all, and can't wait to see the vinyl now too when it comes.
Really wish I had have been able to get that Step One sweat shirt too, wish I wasn't at work today!

Does anyone know the reason why Sophie isn't doing Belfast. I was ready to get my life to Heartbreak Made Me A Dancer and Bittersweet! Among others!