Yes they've just added it, can't wait to hear it!

W2Karen got a reply from the Official Steps Twitter account so I don't feel as bad now.

Whilst we are on the topic of downloads.

None of the exclusive content is correct for the individual CDs, should it be? I was thinking of raising this too.
What's the difference in production between the single and album mixes of Heartbreak In This City, apart from the Michelle feature? I guess it's slightly different if there's a Steps-only single mix.
I've just realised the Leeds show that went on sale today is in between two dates on their tour.

Wonder what sort of show it will be

I don't live anywhere near Leeds but am now going twice in the space of a week.
Maybe they’re shipping at the last minute so then the Manics won’t know how many extra copies they’ve sold and won’t be able to pull anything from up their sleeves as it’ll be too late?
I'd be pretty surprised - make that astonished - if the Manics or anyone around them were even remotely invested enough to do this.

The chart battle talk is quite fun as a 90s throwback, but let's be real, this is entirely one-sided.
See on the other hand, I'm astonished haven't used the 'If you want real music to top the charts, buy our album' card.
There are probably some bands who would have resorted to that, but I very much doubt the Manics would. Why should they? They've been around 30+ years and this is their 14th album. They have nothing left to prove. I guess Steps don't really either, but their fanbase is more invested for whatever reason.