Ok so that's the Afterparty and Moring After versions bought and downloaded. So now 10 versions of the same album purchased. I'm a mug! I'm officially a Steps Mug!!
You beat me. I only have 9 which is 9 more than I need in the streaming era and considering I don’t much care for remixes. Still, the deluxe edition CD looks good.
So I think I'm just about done. I have the following...
x2 Standard Edition (both with the free poster)
x3 Deluxe 2CD (2 signed, 1 unsigned)
x3 Vinyl (1 unsigned, 2 signed, of which 1 will be framed next to Part 1)
x1 Cassette
Afterparty Edition
Morning After Edition
x2 HMV Rainbow Edition Cover (1 Signed at HMV Westfield signing)

EDIT: I forgot the x5 Signed Individual Covers! I knew I was missing something!

The only other thing they could have done was a standard black pressing of vinyl, and perhaps another cassette variant. Crossing everything for Friday!

Did you not iTunes download? Flop fan
I want them to play dirty tomorrow - I would absolutely buy a bundle of digital download + CD that shipped tomorrow, if they were bundled with signed prints of Step One/Steptacular/Buzz cover art that would ship in a few weeks… they clearly have the rights to the imagery if they’re doing Step One sweatshirts!
The acoustics of Take Me For A Ride and The Slightest Touch are really nice. Especially The Slightest Touch, that instrumental break- wow.

Interesting to hear the Karaokes as Backing Tracks. Lee's backing vocals in The Slightest Touch are actually pretty great.

I'm not so much of a remix fan but the new one of Take Me For A Ride is Ok.

Nice addition of the Alternative Something In Your Eyes and Steps Only Heartbeat In This City. I wouldn't mind more of this.

The megamix is cool, although it would be great to finish off with The Slightest Touch. Glad they included To The Beat Of My Heart, I was worried for a second.

Not bad, but would loved some more mixes from Part 2 album tracks (maybe) and more visuals.
But doesn't it mean that the warm skies are changing a hundred years of winter. As in the warmth of the sun is thawing the frozen waste land. As in the power of love is healing what was damaged, etc, etc...

But that's a new sentence.
"Warm Skies are changing.
A Hundred Years Of Winter erasing ."

However I get where they are coming from.

Just a silly little niggle.
I'd be pretty surprised - make that astonished - if the Manics or anyone around them were even remotely invested enough to do this.

The chart battle talk is quite fun as a 90s throwback, but let's be real, this is entirely one-sided.


“The Manics” are selling copies of the CD bundled with signed prints of adverts for old albums and concerts. That definitely feels quite desperate!

Manics tour bundle was only announced at 5pm last night

Suggest otherwise!

It's not that deep though. I think it's only natural for anyone close to getting a #1 album in the UK to want to go all the way. Both sides are trying things to push them past the finish line first, sales are going up so both bands are winning, as well as the fans that want to purchase the extra stuff. For both bands to be around for so long and to be competing for #1 is an achievement in itself.
But that's a new sentence.
"Warm Skies are changing.
A Hundred Years Of Winter erasing ."

However I get where they are coming from.

Just a silly little niggle.
Yea, but songs are more akin to poetry and can also be a bit more abstract and less linear I think. I mean nobody really stole the heart from anyone's chest and left a stain across the waste land but that's what it says. It's just poetic imagery. A Hundred Years of Winter sort of paints little scenes like that. Sentences don't have to make logical sense and I think it's actually more this.

"And warm skies are changing a hundred years of winter, erasing
All the pain in melting, love is returning to me"

Which makes perfect sense.