At this point, I am just happy to have new music to live with, its been a welcome distraction this week from what can only be described as a hellish few days. I lost my Grandmother and my grandfather has just contracted COVID. So being able to just lose myself in Steps has been a gift.
Sorry for your loss, that's awful, and I truly hope your grandfather recovers well.
I just bought the signed version from Amazon and it says estimated delivery is 20-26th, despite having prime? I’m guessing that won’t count towards the chart.
So I live in Spain. I ordered both new digital copies with an English card to an English address. Will it count or should I get someone in the UK to download copies?
That should be fine just make sure you download - if you want to be sure you can use a free VPN Service Windscribe to trick it to a UK ip address


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Do anyone else's individual covers have a (tiny) stroke of white at the bottom of the cover like it wasn't cut quite right?

Oh and my computer recognizes every individual CD as an empty one?? What the heck
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Was just referring to when Santa Maria disqualified from the charts due to alleged bulk buying. (The irony being most people in here have bought in bulk but this was buying just the one format cd many times from the same shop).

Ahh I see.

Has anyone else had any official email saying their signed vinyl has been shipped?
And how good are Chalkys with shipping?