Is the cut off midnight tonight?
For downloads. Streaming is locked in already, physicals is as late as retailers dispatch them... Most are probably closing - Amazon might still be ok for physical formats, they dispatch 24/7
I can imagine they hoped Slightest Touch could be the new Chain Reaction. If that’s the case they really must have faith in whatever they’re going with instead?
I Still Have Faith in You (Claire's Version) incoming!
As they are essentially "free instant grats" these will not count.

Only "purchased downloads" count.
Well, now you know what you need to do...

OCC confirmed the gap is 330 copies.

So has the gap increased? Are Manics doing much to push since yesterday? So far I know they have the bundle with the T-shirt and deluxe, and the mini gig, but obviously Steps have the Leeds event now too so they're kind of doing what they can.

It feels like Steps themselves are panicking a bit today and I totally understand it given they're so close it's sickening, but it's making me even more nervous and driven to distraction today!
Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I've tried to find the answer and can't... If I buy the digital versions, am I able to download them straight onto my phone? I remember last time I had to use my laptop and it was a gigantic pain in the arse.

If your on Android its easy as you just download and they appear to play for IOS I believe you will need to use a PC or Mac to add to iTunes and then sync to the l device

Alternatively you can use YouTube Music's private Cloud storage to upload your files to the cloud and stream on whichever devices you want but again will need a PC or Mac
I wouldn't call it panicking, I'd call it drive and passion and a 'want' for that number one position. They deserve it.
Oh I didn't mean it in a negative way at all man, they absolutely deserve it, and I've never wanted it so much for them. Even just as a celebration for how much solid pop music they've given us since 2017. I think it's fantastic that they're doing everything they can. Imagine how different a position they'd be in if they still had Stephen Howard managing them in a scenario like this, he wouldn't had had anywhere near the motivation Fascination have.
The lack of a black vinyl is baffling and they could've done an alternative (unsigned) group cover CD alongside the signed individual bundles.

I'm really surprised they didn't pull a Manics and add a signed print or an incentive onto the discounted bundles. Even the competition "win a meet and greet!" is a bit silly when it clearly says everyone who's purchased will be entered anyway. At least it's promising that they've closed the gap this week.