Just got home from work and found my friend had sent me a copy for my birthday - not knowing that I already have six copies haha but of course, am here for the extra sale. Also, it was the copy that comes with the free poster so was excited for that!

Will be getting the Afterparty/Morning After editions today too and might as well get a copy from iTunes. I’ll just have to ignore my bank balance until payday!
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What are they filming ?!?!
I said it before but they missed they missed the boat not including some video content like they did last time.
For international fans that don't get a chance to see them even a handful of performances are worth purchasing another album for.
Could they be saving a "Slightest Touch" video/performances to promote the tour?
We already know that "A Hundred Years of Winter" is coming but it screams Christmas release right?
Just listening to the album here and I really like High...not sure why so many don't rate it. In saying that, it definitely gives 'track-10-from-a-film-soundtrack' vibes.

A Hundred Years of Winter reminds me of a song that could be used on an episode of Homes Under the Hammer. Ha!
Yeah I just got a second reminder too… a bit much honestly as it’s making me worried I have done something wrong. Which I haven’t as I added them all to my iTunes to be sure (will delete them later)