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With the whole 'please download your purchases' it feels they're mainly trying to bridge those 330, without taking in consideration that the Manics added another bundle today and that the reason they caught up yesterday was because they had theirs then
Yay for a location video! They all seem so chilled/comfortable and like they're genuinely enjoying it all this era; it's so nice to see.

Yeah, the outfits (especially Lisa's coat) scream wintery ballad aka A Hundred Years of Winter. I'm not against it as a winter/Christmassy single but really hope they release another uptempo single before then. I know it's highly unlikely but we can dream
I reckon we'll only get one more single from this album, and I imagine that will be "100 Years of Winter". All signs point to it don't they.

I wouldn't mind a third at all, but what do we think it would be, and really what purpose would it serve if the tour is done and the album has left the charts and there's nothing left to promote.


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A Hundred Years Of Winter is the only other obvious single and it’s absolutely the right choice. One of their finest songs.

True. Also it might convince some people to get the album who haven't yet. Only for them to be let down by nothing else like it being on there.
Pretty much all the other songs cater to people who would already own it anyway.