I wonder if they have (slightly) less of a (final) say on which singles they go with since signing with BMG vs the Tears era when they released independently!? I can imagine they have a lot of input and they are evidently very business-savvy, but I wonder if there are occasions when BMG's 'strategy' differs from theirs, and BMG get the final say?

I'm not 100% on how this would work - anyone with music industry knowledge?
H's final CD has sold out! So all the individual copies are gone now.

I was going to get it but someone just beat me to it. I did buy the Chalky's CD though - so I have all 3 of the main CD copies + the cassette + vinyl!

It would be great if they had a "Slightest Touch" video by the end of September/early October and then "A Hundred Years Of Winter" in November/December time.
Amazon UK is now expecting the Signed Deluxe CD to be in stock on September 24.. It was out of stock for most of the week!

I guess not having these sales counting for 1st week is a bummer..
I know that LSL will have a flight to catch, but would they not have been better off to do a few more signings today at locations where they haven't been near rather than just a few IG videos/stories and tweets.

I know they're obviously filming the video and they filmed/shot something else yesterday, but surely they could have done some proper old school promo during the second half of the week?

330 copies would have shifted if they had done an extra few signings in say Brighton/Cardiff/Bristol/ yesterday and Glasgow/Edinburgh today. I know they have other things to get done... But surely 'release week' should have all been about the release?
I know we keep saying 330 copies, but there’s nothing to say the Manics haven’t accelerated in sales today is there? Didn’t they have new bundles and discounts.

On the other hand, every drag Queen and celebrity that Steps have some sort of historical connection with seems to be posting about the album tonight. It feels like the biggest push they’ve ever had for number one, so it’s gonna feel like a bigger blow if they don’t get it.

Still, if they do, it’s just gonna be true pop justice and I’ll just be so, so happy that they finally did it again after all these years. Ultimate Collection cannot be their final number one record!