Love this.


The joy in this one pic is insanely infectious. I highly appreciate having stanned this band all this time.
This icon award is so deserved and they really are on fire lately. They have really reached a new peak (and the low [singles especially] chart positions, really don't matter).
They are currently at a new Zenith and I am loving every minute of it.
And (as a Gay man) Steps really have been there for us. And they keep being there as an escape and to offer the best safe space. And actually (unlike other bands) there are not really and rivalries between us fans. A proper collective where everyone is welcome.
I really hope they continue and keep offering what they are offering for years to come.
Long may the Steps Party continue!
So given Lisa's album a go and....I'm not sure how I feel about it. Maybe because in my head she's not this wild and sexy person I feel some of the songs don't feel like her? But I guess this was all done before she became a Mum so maybe she was a bit wilder in her youth. Some of the songs feel a bit too cheap and trashy, but some of it is really lush and well crafted.
I truly admire her for managing to have a song use the word obscenely though. Legend stuff.
The more rockier guitar led songs took me by surprise, but in a good way, she oddly pulls it off.
Make It Last Forever...who is singing the chorus cause it sure ain't Lisa.

On the whole, I think it's solid and once you cut some of it, a serviceable album.
There is quite alot of unfinished/unreleased tracks on YouTube with some of the tracks swapped would've made it a much better album. I seem to remember some tracks being leaked or put up on her website a year or 2 before the album so with the singles even the fans didn't have much new content available. It kept being pushed back for release if I recall (Only itunes in the UK) and even back then we didn't really have legal streaming. Can't recall if purchasing digital tracks then was all that popular either