I remember being about 6, and my older brother’s then-girlfriend knew of my love for Steps, and gave me her Next Step Tour programme that she’d got at the gig.

I became a fan of Steps at a really strange time in their trajectory - my elder sister had been a big fan through their early years, so I discovered them through her CD collection, but by that time they’d already split. That tour programme was my bible - I was too young to order stuff online, and it seemed practically impossible to readily get hold of anything Steps-related in the shops.

I have no idea whatever happened to that programme, but I would absolutely love to flick through it again, and I will forever cherish my brother’s ex for that priceless gift <3

Yeah, I'm surprised no fan has set up a Flickr page or something with scans of the merch.
As mentioned a few pages back, I have every tour programme. If I was to do it, would that count as file sharing? Can an admin weigh in before I get in trouble again?

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Do you think they’ll remaster this one too?

Love TOTP and it’s blatant miming, even during all the distorted bits (and then she forgets to mime the opening line to the song)
Well it was uploaded 8 hours ago so I’d guess this is remastered already…
It has been such a joy seeing Steps being active, releasing singles and albums, and going on tour again, with the added bonus that all members are invested & genuinely happy to be around each other. Just a few years ago I deemed that so unlikely and in my childhood after that Boxing Day, I never even thought it being possible. If they do take a bit of a break after this greatest hits era, no-one can say they don’t deserve it. I just need the guarantee that Scared Of The Dark will be performed at every reunion tour in the future, here’s to Steps!
A little preview of the tour programmes for the Lee fans
Wow, never noticed that.. Now have to look up what the others are named there. I thought Lee was Sensible Steps?
Faye was Smiley, Lisa was Party, Claire was Gadget, can’t remember H. (This was from the promo heads for Step One.) I wonder if they changed them though.