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It remains such an odd video for the song and with no miming whatsoever I still think it was meant for Only In My Dreams.

I don't think I noticed that hand grabbing Claire before!
The quality if the HD on that one is really great. The effects to really pop, abet quite dated.

I have always been a fan of Words Are Not Enough and it is rather overlooked. But I like the video, it is a choice but Steps' videos (especially back then) always had a a theme and something different about them. And this one definitely was different.

Yet this song does still give, the end is nigh vibes!
I still think it was meant for Only In My Dreams.
I'd never actually considered that before but that would make so much sense.

For that song, it's a terrible video. The upgrade on quality looks really good, but it's just a load of nonsense that has not one single thing to do with the song. They'd have been better to do a video in the aesthetic of the intro, with the 5 of them looking emosh in this big castle.

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I could never understand why "Words Are Not Enough" never gets sung again after the Gold Tour. It is such a beautiful song that tugs at heart strings. Every member gets to shine as well. The end of the song is gorgeous with Claire's adlibs. Chills!
They performed it on the Christmas With Steps tour.

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I personally find Words Are Not Enough to be a bit bland if I’m honest, like with most Steps ballads. It’s not a bad song at all but I really have no interest in seeing it live again any time soon.

Chain Reaction really was that bitch and the other new songs paled in comparison, especially with hindsight.
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Words Are Not Enough is incredibly forgettable. I cannot remember anything of it thirty seconds after hearing it.

I think coming after the superlative Chain Reaction didn’t help matters either.
I didn’t realise that H had a different shirt on in the ‘transforming into a cartoon’ sequence compared to the shots around the house before Claire gets sucked in
I'm fairly sure that it's just two versions. To my ears, the original leak is the same version as what is on the Platinum Collection physicals (and also what was temporarily on Spotify before it was replaced).

Whereas the version that is available to download, stream and is used in the music video has Claire's vocals during that part instead.

so really, the cd should have the download version on it then? hope they replace and also add the extra 8 seconds to you'll be sorry on the deluxe in the future, the second bridge with Claire is much better
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