So I’m meeting HRH Queen of the Huns, Lisa Scott-Lee later today.

What questions shall I ask her?

Perhaps ask her if she expects it’ll be another big anniversary before we hear from Steps again? I think she’s the most likely to give an honest answer. H’s “a very long time” and “who knows when we’ll do this again” suggests loosely that there are either no plans in place or that they’re further away than the last cycle (ie the 30th). I do think they need a year or two off and time to build up interest and to source new material but I also think a gap like the one between Light Up The World and Tears would be too long at this stage. Might be reading too much into it, but would love to know Lisa’s perspective.

Would like to know if there’s any truth to the theatre production they’ve hinted at previously. That could be something to fill the gap!
I think its pretty obvious everyone wants to know if there are any concrete future plans.

I think a year or two out of the spotlight might convince them to have another crack. They know STEPS makes them cash and raises their individual profile to do other things.
Another album or 2 of originals and then a 30th Anniversary celebration things will be great.
A long-ish break will do them good. An arena tour every couple years is a hard sell, so being away for 5 or so years and coming back with a “comeback” album and tour just makes good financial & hype-worth sense. Look how well Tears On The Dancefloor and its accompanying tour did. They’ll be missed, but considering how well they all get on now and seem to enjoy it, there’s no reason to believe they won’t be back at some point.

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What ever happened to the Steps at Sea idea they were floating around post-Party on the Dancefloor? This thread on a cruise ship sounds messy but could be a low-effort way for them to keep interest alive.
I genuinely can’t imagine anything worse, and I doubt they garnered much interest.
Maybe the concept of being trapped aboard a ship with fans repeatedly asking them where R Dancing is was too much...

I think even Lisa would give a generic, "we're going to have a little break but we'll definitely be back" answer at this moment in time.

And then she'd say, but if it was up to me out next album would be ready to go by now.
Out of the 5 of Steps, I reckon Lee has the least incentive to want to rush into a new Steps album / project at the moment due to baby Leo.

Lisa and Claire back then during the Ultimate Era also couldn't see themselves being thrown into a new project because of the young age of their children at the time.

Also acknowledging Faye being a workhorse straight into work again - what a role model!
They all, at some point during Birmingham Pride gave individual speeches about how grateful they are to still be here. It didn't sound like the end at all.

Lisa: We will be back!
Faye: We really do feel the love from you guys and we love doing what we do
Lee: We wouldn't be here without you and we're so appreciative of everything we're able to continue to do
H: You're all part of the Steps journey, number 1 album, Steps being a safe space, new generation of fans
Claire: thanked the band, mentioned the ups and downs and thanked absolutely everyone else who has helped get them where they are today

If you've seen the documentary, they were all pretty traumatised going through what they had to deliver under pressure and restrictions and for that alone they deserve/probably need a breather. Some of you are speaking like they're going to do a Rihanna!