I do appreciate that the extras just keep coming.
Anything to dream of for the remaining songs? (Yes please, all dance It's The Way You Make Me Feel)

Heartbeat - Honestly just some behind the scenes stuff of them mucking around.

Tragedy - Can’t think of anything extra I’d want

Deeper Shade Of Blue - Lots of unseen stuff for this one - new footage, especially Lee, all in glorious 4K of course. I’d like a full dance video in the alter ego costumes

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel - I also want a full dance video in the ballroom. It would be majestic

Here & Now - Full dance version would be nice, in the maze

Baby Don’t Dance? - Assuming we will get this since we got the others but don’t expect anything special with it


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I think we already got Here And Now!

Heartbeat raw footage with just the green screen behind them could be fun
A full wedding dance version of Tragedy could be cute but not essential