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I think I prefer it in colour and maybe should have always have been in colour. I feel it sums up what steps where about summer, happinesses, bright colours etc in a ballad video, I now realise black and white didn’t suit this video so much. Like the rose at the start should have kept that back in 2000 too
So odd (but amazing) to see it in colour. I remember of Steps Gold DVD they wanted to film in Black & White so they could get away with less makeup, only to find out they needed more makeup to make them standout in black and white.
That’s interesting because, the make-up is very noticeable in the colour version.

It’s quite fun seeing it in colour. They look cold though haha.

I didn’t know about Lisa’s hair either.
Absolutely. Fascination are probably getting this with very little output costs - and if I had an expertise in editing and video technology, I would absolutely be doing it FOC too (in my own time)...

It would be lush to have full run throughs of the dance performances a-la loves got a hold on my heart as nice cute additional extras, I mean we've seen the performances dozens of times, but seeing them in the video costumes/scenes is something else. I love Loves got a hold anyway, so any additional output they gave us I would have lapped up.
This is obviously also a bit of a passion project of the editor but the fact we're getting all of these while the era is technically over and there isn't even anything left to promote really is quite special.
(Would buy a DVD with all of it in a Heartbeat though)

Wouldn't be HD then though? Better best download them from YouTube, put them on a USB stick, plug into TV.
Well I do take it back.
That was stunning in colour, absolutely gorgeous.
And while we're so used to seeing it in black and white. It did not feel strange one bit to see it in colour. It felt natural.
And with a bit of extra padding at the beginning, love it.
What a visual feast! Stunning stunning stunning!

Out of all the remastered projects, this one hits me the most. It feels like you're opening a pandora box or being whisked away with a time machine - going back in time to March 2000, and experiencing it all over again seeing the video for the first time. De Javu much?
Had it been on the Platinum Collection They could have used the colour footage with the Steve Anderson mix and popped it online in the same way they did for One For Sorrow.

Would be lovely with his version.

Might give that a go myself then
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