Here's the full performance of You'll Be Sorry on TOTP!

They cut the intro and second verse/chorus from the original broadcast, but they showed the whole thing later on TOTP Plus.

I cannot seem to watch this as i get this error " Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Try again later."
I also prefer the WISG video in colour. However, I do find the song boring. Steve Anderson did do his magic again with the song though and if I had to listen to it, it would be that version.
I’d love a re-issue of the platinum collection as a super deluxe with a dvd and rarities disc containing the tracks from the pre and after party editions, that would be amazing but doubtful it will happen, but it would make sense seen as the deluxe disappeared so quick.
Back in the day it always seemed like S Club 7 was way more successful than steps , the whole Children in need singles helped them along with the tv series , yet steps have completely outlasted them and sold way more albums and tour tickets , but Reach, Never had a dream come true and Dont stop moving are such well known songs , I hope during the break steps will get some new songs that will become classics .
Just re-added To The One to my weekly theme playlist. I wish it had got more attention. What The Future Holds had a very strong set of songs that could have been singles. If they’d known they were going to do Part Two if they would have kept some songs back from Part One.
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I still prefer Pt2 to Pt1. I only ever really go back to the singles, Under My Skin and To The One. Where as Pt 2 has Wasted Tears, A Million Years, Living In A Lie & Kiss of Life.
There's a really strong album if you mix the two together.
The only ones i skip out of both albums is 'don't you leave us halfway' and 'high' and occasionally 'hundred years of winter'.
Care to share your blended version?

What The Future Holds
Something In Your Eyes
To The Beat of My Heart (Saint Remix)
Under My Skin
To The One
The Slightest Touch
Heartbreak In The City (Steps only single mix)
Living In A Lie
Wasted Years (Initial Talk Mix)
A Hundred Years of Winter (F9 Mix)
Take Me For A Ride (7th heaven mix)
Come And Dance With Me
One Touch

I don't have a set order since I just shuffle it when I listen. I know it's maybe controversial to have songs like High there but I adore songs like that and they provide some difference in tempo. There are other tracks left I still like, but I have a weird fondness of 15 track albums.