If there’s tickets left nearer the time, I’ll consider it - but I’m not paying that right now when the majority of people who’ll be in the bar won’t actually get to physically see her!

From the ticket link this morning looks like only 1 ticket left.
2023 is going to be S Club 7 year. They are officially back for their 25th anniversary (talk about making money when rivals are hibernating - wink!)

I couldn't find any S Club 7 dedicated thread in Pop Justice. Is there one, anyone knows?

Unfortunately S Club have a Simon Fuller shaped barrier in the way of any updated sound they might want to pursue - and Steps (as a band and individually) seem to also be financially better off. If I remember rightly Steps also toured a lot more than S Club back in the day too which would have made them more money even if Simon hadn't had such a short leash on S Club financially.

Apropos of nothing I really miss the short blonde bob on Claire! Her current hair looks great but short hair looks so great on her.
Yeah the merch is from the Party on the Dancefloor and Summer of Steps tours.

I picked up the Steps logo T-shirt, keyring and litho (unsigned). I bought the signed litho print at the tour I back in 2017 for I'm sure £50, so being £25 is a bit of a bargain. It does look lovely in person.
I like the black Summer of Love hoodie but £40 is still a bit steep at the moment. I'll be keeping an eye out for further discounts.