I think Something In Your Eyes would've seemed more 'familiar' to the Asda people in a 'we've forgot what this one is' rather than seeming like a new track like Scared of the Dark probably did.

Scared of the Dark is classic Steps but is definitely new-classic Steps whereas Something In Your Eyes sounds like it could've been released the very first time round. If that makes any sense at all.
Would be interesting to know what kind of reaction they had there though.

If the reaction was good it might have spurred them on to doing something sooner than later?

*Clutching at straws*
I can't believe the company I work for, managed to get Steps for a corporate gig, and didn't think about inviting me haha.
I think I hate the bosses a little bit more than I already did lol!
Haha I was thinking the same although it's nowhere near me but I'm sure I could find an excuse to travel
I doubt it made any difference. Bands do corporate gigs all the time, you just don’t hear about them.

I’ve seen All Saints, The Saturdays, Ella Henderson and more at gigs you’d not even know happened. They make some decent cash from doing them.
Was The Saturdays one since they went in hiatus?
Yeah corporate gigs are nothing more than a moneymaker for the artist. Usually, they get very little attention and you can hear in the video of Heartbeat that was posted from Steps' show that the room is so noisy with chatter and it doesn't sound anyone is really listening to them anyway. They probably made a decent amount, so good for them.
Was listening to Party On The Dancefloor Live a lot yesterday to cheer myself up after some difficult stuff I've been dealing with, and it really was such an incredible tour - I went to one of the O2 dates and it really was one of the best live performances I've ever been to, it just had such fantastic energy from the Vengaboys as well as Steps (and tbh I'd love for them to return as a support act if possible, maybe for a summer performance?). The Love U More/You'll Be Sorry/After The Love Has Gone/Love's Got A Hold medley is *flawless*. I feel very lucky as a Steps fan.

Also Happy really is the single that got away, for me - like the moody older sibling of You'll Be Sorry.