Lovely wee mailer email this morning with updates on all 5!

I like the way it was designed like a proper newsletter
I loved it, too. The only real news to me was Lisa's gradual transition to the Welsh Mother Teresa*!

Giving dance lessons to the destitute is not exactly inoculating for smallpox in Kolkata but she is playing to her strengths and I hope she included at least a cursory Tragedy tutorial.
That and Heartbreak in the City would have made decent entries. But glad Steps haven’t gone down the Eurovision path. Wonder if it was a possible path for H and Claire back in early 2000s? Would have been better than Gemini.
Didn’t it eventually come out that Bye Bye Baby was intended for H&Claire as their Eurovision entry? I swear H talked about it on his radio show
It was 2003 - the year Europe and UK relations began to strain. Lisa had started promo for Lately at that point too so I can’t imagine H and Claire who had just had a flop album doing any better.
Though weirdly I could see lots of the ballads on the album working well as Eurovision songs. Probably still would have flopped though.