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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. I had a search and couldn't find a thread dedicated now the amazing Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman. I grew up as a kid with the charts jam packed with SAW songs and couldn't be happier. It's my whole childhood summed up. The mighty Kylie, Jason, Sonia, Sinitta, Bananarama, Sybil, Hazel Dean, Brother Beyond, Rick Astkey...the list goes on and on.

    Since it's been recently added to Spotify I am currently experiencing Sonia's Everybody Knows album for the first time and loving it. I'm also having another PWL Old school Kylie moment with the Spotify albums. What are the other SAW albums that are really worth a listen?
  2. Kind of surprised that as a huge fan you're only listening to Sonia's album for the first time!

    And all of the albums are definitely worth a listen, especially Another Place And Time if you've not heard that one yet either.
  3. Well I was only a little kid so really only got albums at that age for Christmas or birthdays and they were filled with Kylie, Jason or Madonna really. It's really fun hearing a whole PWL album for the first time in this day and age though.
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  4. Ah. Right. I understand! I do envy you getting to hear these albums for the first time today! Enjoy Yourself!
  5. Donna Summer - Another Place And Time
    Hazell Dean - Heart First / Always
    Mel & Kim - FLM
    Bananarama - WOW! / Please Yourself
    Sinitta - Sinitta / Wicked!
    Mandy Smith - Mandy
    Sybil - Good 'n' Ready
    Boy Krazy - Boy Krazy
    Dead Or Alive - Youthquake / Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know
    Divine - Maid In England

    are a few of my favourite SAW albums for starters!
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  6. Only just discovered this! Was it SAW?

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  7. No, was the B side to their only duo single, a cover of Stomp. Was produced by Mark Taylor I believe pre Metro.....
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  8. Check out early SAW productions:

    Dead or Alive - Youthquake (1985)
    Mel and Kim - FLM (1987)

    All early singles by Brilliant (1985), Princess (1985-1986) and Hazell Dean (1984)
  9. My off the cuff SAW top 10 singles (one per artist)

    You Spin Me Round - Dead Or Alive
    After The Love Has Gone - Princess
    I Don't Wanna Get Hurt (album version) - Donna Summer
    They Say It's Gonna Rain - Hazell Dean
    Never Too Late - Kylie Minogue
    I Don't Believe In Miracles - Sinitta
    Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now - Samantha Fox
    Love Is War - Brilliant
    Respectable - Mel & Kim
    I Heard A Rumour - Bananarama
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  10. This will never not be funny. Still one of the most hilarious things on the internet.

    The D list line-up (where is Kakko?), the here-is-our-fourth-single-from-the-album song choices, the forced enthusiasm, the terrible choreography, the awkward out of time shuffley dancing-at-the-back to other people's songs, the atrocious clothing….

    I might get an oversized ill fitting bright green felt suit for work.
  11. ^ Fuck that was bad! Awkward dancing abound. I'm sure Sinitta was internally seething at not only being on before Sonia but having to bop away in the background to one of her songs too. Mandy mustn't have been there as she was barely able to hold a mic let alone dance.
  12. Oh my I have been sucked into a youtube hole watching videos of Big Fun and their precursor Seventh Avenue.

    I'm liking this period in particular (even tho the members of Seventh Avenue that went on to become Big Fun are not yet in this line-up).

  13. Excuse me?

    Full choreo performance, with dancers:

    Paula who?

    Deep album cuts?
  14. Not a very good case for SAW, and probably one of the reasons they fell out of favour.

    Still, some great bops!!
  15. One of the most depressing concert experiences of my life was a Jason Donovan section on an 80s tour where he sang 'Especially for you' with his backing singer. Kylie can sing it sans Jason but the other way? Shit beyond belief.
  16. I recall the sheer horror of his vocals at the Hit Factory concert at the 02. Kylie was, as always on top form but he was actively trying to out sing her. Luckily the large crowd managed to drown him out completely with the hysteria of them performing the duet together for the first time since the 80s. Still clearly had a chip on his shoulder over her success....... I do have to add despite the above comment I like his SAW solo output.......
  17. I never thought Michaela Strachan was ever produced by S/A/W or PWL.
  18. Going by the amount of her vocal used, as that clip shows, she barely was. Pre-Louise queen of losing voice on the mix as an army of backing vocalists take over.
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