Stock, Aitken & Waterman

I love The Harder I Try but Can You Keep A Secret and Be My Twin are as good as that (and way better than He Ain't No Competition) and the rest of Get Even is fantastic. He shouldn't be so dismissive of their own.
I agree, I prefer the BB written songs on Get Even tbh and Trust is a seriously good album.

Cracking two parter @SmashHitter , Terry Blamey has added even more to an overflowing cast. The series needs preserving in a global music archive for future generations, it really is world class.
I've been listening to some of the Journey through SAW podcasts - did I hear them say that Sheila Ferguson did a version of Always Doesn't Mean Forever? Was this ever released?
Considering that Better The Devil You Know is perhaps only rivalled by You Spin Me Round and Never Gonna Give You Up as the most beloved Stock Aitken Waterman single overall, it really was funny to hear how Matt and Mike were almost a bit ambivalent to it and it's legacy. Each to their own I guess!
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The latest 2 episodes of A Journey Through SAW may be my favourites yet, ROL has always been my favourite Kylie era and it was great, after all these years, to hear new information I wasn’t aware of. Getting Terry on the podcast feels a real coup, he was fantastic. What a manager she had in him. Can’t wait to hear more from him.
If we're talking pure SAW (written by them) I would say the public top 5 is

Never gonna give you up
Better the devil you know
Too many broken hearts
This time I know it's for real

All very universally well-loved pop hits everyone can sing along to.
Too Many Broken Hearts? I don't know about that one. Is it iconic or is it just a Jason Donovan single a lot of people bought?
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The pivotal SAW classic singles are:

Whatever I Do Wherever I Go
You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
Never Gonna Give You Up
Better The Devil You Know
You Spin Me Round
Toy Boy
Never Gonna Give You Up
I Should Be So Lucky
Love In The First Degree
Together Forever
The Locomotion
This Time I Know It's For Real
Too Many Broken Hearts

Are the classic PWL SAW records.
I'd say everything after 1990 feels separate - to me at least.