Stock, Aitken & Waterman


Love this vinyl cover for Boys And Girls, she really was so beautiful.
I would love to be proven wrong, but you might be thinking of the ‘Mandy dropped by on her lunch break from her office job’ performance of ‘I Just Can’t Wait ‘95’.

You may be right but in my mind it was for Don't You Want Me Baby and she was younger and also wore the black hat... perhaps I'm dreaming... who knows! (The reason I thought it was earlier than 95 is I was unfamiliar with Mandy until the 1989 single release)
Mandy’s changing look over her short music career wasn’t limited to her styling - it’s almost startling to see how much her face changed over that period. Not due to surgery or anything like that - just maturing into a woman, which highlighted how inappropriately young she was when she started out, especially given how she was sold and marketed as sexy. If you compare to how she looked in the I Just Can’t Wait video and on her wedding day (when she was only 18!), she looks like two completely different women. Never not beautiful though obvs.
I’ve been going back to When I’m Good and Ready a lot lately. Definitely a super underrated PWL classic.

This video someone took at a Pride a few years ago shows how incredible Sybil’s voice still is. Hasn’t aged a day.

What a tune! Aside from the obvious hits by Rick, Bananarama and of course Kylie, it's the only PWL song I hear get any airplay these days. Not hard to see why either, empowering bop!