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Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. She wasn't, and Sinitta's song in that clip wasn't either. Both were by Ralf Rene Maue who also did London Boys.
  2. She wasn’t. Her single was produced by Ralf Rene Maue who also produced some Sinitta tracks and the London Boys.
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  3. Flop fans.
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  4. Wasn't the Michela Strachan connection that Pete presented Hitman & Her with her?

    I must admit I've never given it much thought but might have assumed she was a SAW act given the connection (and her presence in the above clip suggests it aswell).
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  5. The early 90s 'three sizes too big' suits:

  6. As they started from a level playing field, I’m curious as to why his singing career faltered. The performance of his 2nd album already showed a decline in his popularity, so it can’t all be down to him alienating the gay demographic by suing ‘The Face’ later on.

    Was he a victim of the changing musical tide into dance? Did he not have Terry Blamey’s Management skills to help steer him (like Kylie). I can’t think of a definitive reason why his popularity was already on the wane by 1990. I guess there was some sign when “Any Dream Will Do” topped the Charts in ‘91 that he was capable of bouncing back. Maybe it was ‘The Face’ situation that really finished him off afterall.
  7. He just didn't have 'it' like Kylie did.
  8. I agree he just wasn't up to scratch like Kylie.

    I think when he tried to go clubby in 91, after she did, with RSVP and then relatively flopped (undeservedly - it's the best thing he ever did if you ask me) and then had a massive hit with Any Dream Will Do, which wasn't ever going to be representative of any sustained pop career, you could see they didn't know what to do with him after that. Happy Together? No thanks. I think he had another decent song Mission Of Love in 1992, again slightly different change of direction, but that was it.

    His time in Joseph was considered a success wasn't it? And he's done Priscilla in later years. Perhaps he should have focussed more on musical theatre/acting?
  9. He sounds like he’s actually singing about Kylie here.
  10. His second album was dire.

    Another Night was great though, what a song.
  11. He also just wasn't a very good singer. Once Neighbours mania died down that was it for him in the charts.

    RSVP is amazing though! It's Jason's Better The Devil You Know.
  12. It's good, but...
  13. He has no such thing.
  14. To be fair it’s only on undivided love that really happened
  15. They clearly didn't know what to do with Jason when a Greatest Hit album was released after just 2 albums, probably to fill a contractual obligation so he could leave the label. His second album was way below the first one in quality. I could never stand I'm Doing Fine and was so glad to see it flop. I agree that RSVP was a nice (and needed) change though, but by then his fans were moving on. Mission Of Love was a good single, too.
  16. They veered off into 'crap pop' territory that became their unfortunate trademark, but they (Stock, Aitken & Waterman) were a creative powerhouse in their heyday. Divine, Dead Or Alive, Bananarama, Kylie, Sabrina, Mel & Kim, Sybil - that melding of HI-NRG with pop really brought a surge of energy back into British pop. Everything later became a bit too slick and generic, that production line of shit that happens when new ideas are exhausted. I'll always love them for allowing Divine the opportunity to appear on Top Of The Pops, looking like a burst Space Hopper. You can't fault their peak pop power.
  17. Jason failed where Kylie succeeded because Kylie didn't feel the urge to pose with a guitar in her videos.
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  18. Kylie always seemed destined for more than SAW. And even with them, they created some of their - edit: THE - best pop music - Better the Devil You Know, Step Back in Time, Shocked, What Do I Have to Do?
  19. ^ Well once Kylie survived the one hit wonder tag by following up well it was clear she had "something" so I think they prioritised her in terms of material. Same with Donna Summer when they worked with her. They pretty much had a tiered level in terms of who got what songs. I know Sam Fox wasn't an SAW act but they focussed on Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now for her as lead single for her 2nd album due to her being big worldwide and that was one of the biggest selling songs in Europe that year. I think Sam said it was the 4th best seller in Europe that year in her book.
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