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Stock, Aitken & Waterman

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Well, they are highly appreciated!
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  2. Do you know she sings the Tajo And A Half Men theme song?
    i was in her wiki lately
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  3. I completely agree, it’s a great track and one of my top SAW tracks too
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  4. Mind Over Matter is definitely in my top 10 SAW. It is a serious banger.
  5. EG Daily is forever Tommy Pickles from Rugrats for me! Good song though Mind Over Matter.
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  6. Mind Over Matter, Love In the Shadows and Say It Say are top 80s songs. Why they weren't massive is beyond me.
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  7. Unearthed music video for Johnnie O 'I'm Not Gonna Stand For This (No More)':

    This showed up on an Australian monthly promo VHS compilation series, compiled for retail/nightclub venues etc., of all places. I had no idea the single was even released here.
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  8. The proto Rick.
  9. Funnily Rick wrote a song for him, which he covered on his Free album, forgot the title.
  10. I saw her in a ropey horror movie just the other week, playing a withdrawn psychiatric patient. She only got about two lines before drowning in a pool.
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  11. So great to see this, a brilliant thing to unearth and not a bad video. This is a great Harding/Curnow song that should have been a hit
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  12. Speaking of Harding/Curnow songs that should have been hits, what do we have to do to see the video for this?

    Some clips of the official video in there so it must exist somewhere. The unreleased Kakko album is my holy grail of flop pop.
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  13. Sadly, nothing of Kakko's was released in Australia, so there's no chance of it showing up on a promo compilation here. I got 'We Should Be Dancing' from a UK CBS compilation. You would assume (hope) that 'What Kind of Fool' also made its way onto one.

    Tom Parker, if you're reading this, maybe a Kakko CD + DVD set with both videos (and some TV/'live' performances) could be an option. Ddd.
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  14. I had always hoped you would stumble across the Kakko video on some VHS someday!

    I think I read that after the Kakko album leaked from the vaults they said there would never be an official release which is just crazy to me. Her amazing version of Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) needs to be heard in HQ!
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  15. I've got Kakko AND VHS (or whatever search terms are used) on my eBay watch list; but, alas, nothing has come up yet.

    I hope that 'never' comment was made in haste, and that enough time has passed to consider doing something - even if just a digital download/on streaming. A KakkoVEVO YouTube channel with the videos on it?
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  16. I would take even a digital release at this stage. I hate the fact these songs are just sitting in a vault somewhere when they could be out there being enjoyed (and making Uncle Pete a bit of money).
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  17. I haven’t lost hope that one day we will get a release of the Kakko CD, it was remastered for release after all, and that the What Kind Of Fool video will
    Turn up somewhere
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  18. If Mandy Smith can get an expanded reissue anything is possible!

    PWL fans would lap up the mythical Kakko album.
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  19. They would, I certainly want it.

    I’m also hoping we get Princess Digital EPs with remastered versions of all the mixes, the unreleased Johnnie O tracks, Nancy Davis, Loveland, Johnna and Erik Digital EPs with the vinyl only mixes included and Cherry Pop CD reissues for Pat & Mick and Sybil (or at least Stronger Together and Beyond Your Wildest Dreams EPs) with everything remastered and anything unreleased left in the vaults on these too
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  20. Not sure where to post but enjoying the Dutch CD single of Happenin' All Over Again, which also has the Blind House Mix of Right Before Your Eyes as track 4 - a club classic of late 89 by Patti Day, as I am sure some of us remember, which Lonnie covered. Much to my surprise it is only listed on Discogs under Dame Lonnie as a white label 12". My question is was this release pulled as a single to make way for Happenin' All Over Again, as they were roughly the same time?
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