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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Cowboystyle, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now is SAW Top 3 for me. Maybe No 1?

    Day after day, I started slippin' away
    You took my self respect and you made a fool of me
    Time after time, I turned it 'round in my mind
    And now my mind's made up to leave the past behind me
  2. It's "I saw it slipping away", n'est-ce pas?
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  3. Google (and teen me) think I started slippin' away
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  4. And I don't wanna
    Talk it

  5. I never heard the 'me' at the 'leave the past behind me' line until reading it in a Smash Hits Song Lyrics booklet thing I bought (separate from the magazine).
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  6. I wish Sam had done a full album with SAW, as good has her non-SAW stuff was too at the time.
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  7. Jason's vocals, in my opinion, have to be some of the worst ever put to tape ever recorded by SAW, and that's saying something! Especially for the first album.

    I'm gobsmacked that he was so popular in the UK for a few years. In Oz, he was pretty much done after 'Sealed With a Kiss', which didn't spend very long on the charts for a #8 hit here (becoming only the 100th highest-selling single of 1989).
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  8. Jason's guitar surely has to be one of the most stupid props ever; even more stupid-looking in that performance.
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  9. I have heard this before. It is somewhat (late) SAW-sounding.
  10. I wish that as well. And Laura Branigan. It's kind of strange that both of them did so few songs with them because the ones they did are classics, in my opinion. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now and Shattered Glass are some of my favourite pop songs of the '80s.
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  11. Is this Sam's full SAW list?

    Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
    You Started Something
    I Only Wanna Be With You
    Too Late To Say Goodbye
    That's What Love Can Do
    A Second Chance
    Forever True

    If so, then yes, a full album would have been good!
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  12. Yes, that's all she did with them. A full album would have been great, I would have liked to see some SAW songs on Just One Night instead of what was there.
  13. Hmm but SAMANTHA FOX is a great album, maybe if SAW did one side.
  14. Correct!
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  15. But why?
    I saw it slipping away what... the passion?
  16. I dunno, it's just what I've always heard/sang. I literally just checked the original album booklet and it says "I started slippin' away". However, it also has "Heart beat running through my veins, and the big city lights pouring down like rain" for I Surrender, so who knows.
  17. Teen me won.
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  18. Stop bullying pre-teen me!
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  19. The relationship and/or her self-respect (which was taken, she reveals in the following line).
  20. I actually really relate to that verse of 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now', applying it to a work situation several years ago.
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